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The Advantages of Timber Double Garages

A timber double garage is one of the most practical and lucrative features in your property. Contemporary wooden garages come in various sizes, shapes, designs, and features that cater to different needs and preferences. Just like any other building structures, timber garages also have their share of upsides and downsides. Nevertheless, these wooden structures are still popular options in today’s houses and properties. Why do more and more people consider having double log garages instead of the typical concrete or metal?


Benefits of a Timber Double Garage

Investing in timber garages for your home is a practical and wise choice for modern families and individuals. The numerous upsides of a wooden double garage make this option highly recommended and well-received among home and property owners.

These are some of the top reasons why a timber double garage is a must-have today:

Market Value Booster

Garages play an important role in increasing the market value of your property, especially if it is an integral part of the house or primary building structure. A garage is a good selling point if you choose to put up your house or property on the market in the near future. You can enjoy the luxury of giving your desired selling or asking price with such an additional liveable feature available.

Secure Vehicle Carport

The primary purpose of a timber double garage is to provide a secure and allocated venue for your vehicle. Garages are carports that offer parking and storage spaces for your car, RV, boat, truck, and other vehicles of your choice. With a double garage, you will have more space and better protection for your vehicles, day in and day out.


More Liveable Space

Modern timber garages with more spacious features are not just carports and parking spaces for your cars and other vehicles. Nowadays, you can have a more practical approach to garages and convert the available space into something more useful and liveable. For instance, you can convert or transform the garage into a media room, man cave, home office, or play area for your kids. As long as the room is fully equipped with the right amenities, insulation, and so on, you will surely enjoy using the extra liveable space.

Better Storage Room

On top of storing your vehicles, a timber double garage could also serve as another storage space or area. You need not rent or lease a storage facility in order to stash away your excess or extra stuff. You can forget about overcrowding or cramped space in your home because you can have your belongings packed and carefully stored in the garage. A more spacious double timber garage is much better because it allows you to store much larger and bulkier items such as old furniture, sports equipment, and so much more.


Simple Foundation

There are modern wooden garage kits that help you construct and create your own garage like a pro. Most of these garage kits have simple foundations and complete materials so that you can start and complete the project with a trouble-free guarantee. Simple bases and foundations for your garage mean saving ample money, time, and energy especially with garages that require just a simple single concrete slab. These easy to install foundations are strong and durable enough to support the weight of the garage walls.

Quick and Easy Installation

Wooden garages are quite easy and quick to install and complete compared to other types of materials such as metal and concrete. In fact, you can install a timber garage over the weekend as long as you have all the necessary materials for the project. There are garage kits with the complete features, allowing you to finish the project even with minimal or no woodworking background.

Replaceable Parts

Timber double garages are simple and practical structures which are also easy to replace and repair when there are damaged parts. Some of the usual issues include rotting and the effects of mould and mildew. Well-treated and maintained wooden garages may also have a longer lifespan, potentially up to 25 years of service. You can find manufacturers of wooden garages that offer extended warranty for their units as well.


Natural Insulation

Wood is basically a natural and excellent insulator by itself, thus your garage will have good insulation all year round. Garage doors and walls made from high-quality timber or wood could naturally keep and regulate the indoor air and temperature compared to structures with metal and concrete. The exceptional insulating properties of timber maintain the cool ambiance inside the garage during summer when the temperature spikes and warm during the cold and chilly winter.

Energy Efficient

Due to the insulating properties of timber, timber double garages are energy efficient and could help you save a significant amount of money on your utility bills. You need not have 24/7 HVAC systems running in the garage if you decide to use it as a spare room. The natural insulation of wood will keep the indoor temperature in regulated condition, limiting your use of your heating and cooling systems. There are also garage features such as thermal breaks and double layer doors and windows to prevent heat loss and regulate a cool temperature.


Privacy and Security

Transform your timber double garage into your own personal space and enjoy the privacy you want. You can convert the garage into a man cave or home office or workshop so that you can do your stuff without the disturbances from your primary house or residence. You can also keep important things and documents in the garage and lock them away, especially if you want to keep them from young children and pets. There are soundproof wooden garages with double walls and double-skinned doors. These multiple layers keep away any nuisances from the outside and make the room a comfortable place to relax.

There are so many other benefits that a timber double garage could offer. The additional space is a luxury that you will surely love and appreciate especially if you need extra room for yourself and your belongings. Today’s log garages are carports with multiple uses and definite advantages.

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