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Advantages of Wooden Garages with a Room Above

Wooden garages with a room above are becoming more in demand nowadays. These wooden structures are not your ordinary carport or storage area owing to the fact that there are more features available. Having an upper floor with the additional room is quite an interesting feature and more and more homeowners are joining the bandwagon. Is having a wooden garage complete with an upper layer room a lucrative and wise investment? Or is it a total waste of resources?


The Benefits of Wooden Garages with a Room Above

There are numerous reasons why venturing into a wooden garage with an upper layer project is an excellent and practical choice for you. Having this particular structure in your property is a great opportunity ‒ the wooden structure in itself is already a great investment with high potentials of return.

Check out the advantages of wooden garages with a room above and decide for yourself if you would push through with the project or not:

It boosts your property’s market value

Wooden garages are additional structures that increase the market value of your existing property. However, going the extra mile and adding an upper layer room on top of the garage is another boost. If you decide to put your property on to the real estate market, you can have a much higher selling price because of this extra feature. The wooden structure increases its value because it serves multiple purposes, not just being an ordinary carport or parking area for your vehicles. Most home buyers would find it attractive if you have this additional feature in your property.


It offers additional liveable space

Wooden garages with a room above basically increases the extra floor space you have. On top of the area to be used as a functional carport or storage, the additional space above the garage is a boon. It means you have an additional space or room that you can convert to any venue you wish to create. Some of the most common options for the garage upper-level room include a man cave, workshop or home office, storage area, and personal gym or sauna. Your imagination is basically the only limit to transforming this extra space and maximizing it to your advantage.

It gives you a venue for privacy and relaxation

An additional space above the wooden garage may be considered part of your outbuilding. Thus, you can use it as a private place or haven where you can relax and just enjoy your alone time. Convert the upper room of the wooden garage as your own retreat after a long and tiring day at work or school/university. You can enjoy the quiet time as it is far from the nuisance of your primary residence which usually has more foot traffic and disturbance.


It allows you to be more productive and creative

Most wooden garages with a room above are converted into home offices or workshops. Homeowners find it better and safer to relocate all their stuff into a separate area that is out of reach, especially if you have pets or small children at home. Working at home maximizes your time and your ability to earn extra income while being in the comfort of your home and a wooden garage upper room is the best choice. The good news is that there are numerous designs to choose from, helping you seamlessly convert your wooden garage into a nice place to explore your creativity and boost your productivity.

It may be a potential income generator

Have you ever considered transforming your wooden garages with a room above into a separate housing unit? The room above the garage could be converted into a self-contained unit with complete amenities from a kitchen to a bathroom to a bedroom. It may need more resources such as plumbing and electrics but the project could prove to be lucrative. You can rent it out to augment your income or you can use it as a guest house or place where a member of the family could transfer to before getting a place of their own.


It provides a better place for storage

Create an upper-level room in your wooden garage which is safe and secure so that you can stash away your valuables for good or for the meantime. This option is better and more cost effective compared to leasing a storage space which you would need to rent out on a monthly basis. You need not totally discard or cramp up your primary residence with your important stuff because the area could have plenty of space to spare for storage and safekeeping.

It makes a great place for your kids

With child-friendly features installed, wooden garages with a room above serve as a great venue for your little ones. You can easily convert the room in the upper level as a children’s playroom or study area. Find a contractor or interior designer that could help you make the necessary installation and set up so that the room is safer for young children. The isolated place that they can call their own could boost their confidence and inkling for the arts or whatever hobby they may have. Some of the security features include CCTV or nanny cameras and wall features with no edges as well as cushioned floors to prevent accidents.


Designs for Wooden Garages with a Room Above

One of the fun parts of investing in a wooden garage with an upper-level room is when you get to choose what design theme you wish to follow. There are vintage or period interior designs such as Victorian era themes. Other designs include rustic and countryside, while others are more contemporary and modern. There are different specifications for different wooden garages that feature upper-level rooms such as a blend of brick and mortar in the foundation or walls. Others are complete with safety features or additional spaces such as dividers and decks.

An investment in wooden garages with a room above is a great way to boost your resources, especially in maximizing an ordinary carport into something more special. Explore your choices and enjoy the benefits of this wooden structure.

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