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Timber Garages – Things You Need to Know

When it comes to purchases and decisions, it is important to note that such things usually entail pros and cons and buying timber garages is not an exception. With a garage added to your home you have the opportunity to make use of it for various purposes such as providing added value to your home, embellishing your home’s overall appearance, adding protection and security to your family and vehicles, and much more. Thus, it is important to consult a professional contractor first before making a purchase or before taking the time to build and construct one.


Nowadays, the market is teeming with so many options and one of the most popular choices is timber garages. If your house is made in a modern manner, then it would be a great idea to add a wooden garage next to it. As a matter of fact, having a timber garage next to your house is something that can help you spell out your idea of being close to nature. Timber, of course, comes from trees which have been cut down from the forest or from a sustainable forest, thus, having a garage adjacent your home gives you the chance to live as if you are near Mother Nature.

However, there are important things that you need to know first as far as timber garages are concerned. Of course, such types of garages also come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. First, let us talk about the advantages of owning a timber or wooden garage:

Through the years, garages that have been made and erected from wood were common to families. But with the continuing progress and development in the field of technology, newer choices have been brought on to the market. Today, garages now come in different forms and in the materials in which they are made of. Nevertheless, there are still many people from all across the globe who want to revisit the past and this is possible for them through the aid of timber garages installed in their homes. With such types of garages, nostalgia and remarkable beauty are achieved.


There are several styles that you may want to consider when thinking about buying a timber garage. Some of these usually include Cedar, Hemlock, Redwood and many others. As a matter of fact, many people do not realize that timber garages today are extremely durable and sturdy. In case you are not aware, wood or timber is a naturally durable type of material which is widely used for building purposes. Other than this, timber also has the characteristics that incorporate inherent insulation.

Timber garages that are made and constructed from materials that have been properly treated and maintained are highly resistant to different types of weather conditions. Moreover, owning this type of garage is also a great investment that gives protection to your home, vehicles and your entire family as well. Timber garages like wooden carports are also known not only because of the natural beauty that they show but their eco-friendliness as well. Furthermore, wooden garages are also sustainable. You can have the freedom to research about companies that practice sound, sustainable and effective ecological methods.


Timber is also known to many as one of the most striking and effective materials used in the construction of any type of structure. Thus, it is important to consult a professional contractor first so that you can be assured that all steps are properly followed, allowing you to save money in the long run. While it is important to ensure that a timber garage is properly erected, it is also equally important to make sure that the garage is properly maintained as well. Professional contactors do not only ensure proper installation and maintenance, they also provide you with helpful advice.

While there is an extensive list of pros or advantages of owning a timber garage, you also need to take note that timber garages actually comes with only one downside or disadvantage. Since timber is a natural product it is more likely that it will get damaged with the passing of time. Wood products, especially those that are not properly treated, will wear off and dwindle in its looks and appearance with the passing of time. Thus, timber garages require regular maintenance to keep it good-looking, secure and waterproof.

Regular maintenance is highly advised so that the garage will continue to function properly, providing additional security and protection from the harsh and destructive elements of the weather. The door of the garage, for example, happens to be the largest structure in your home. A deterioration of the door will allow criminals, robbers and thieves to enter your home. Wooden doors can also be very expensive – more expensive than any other types of doors out there. And since they are made of wood they simply require your full attention as far as maintenance is concerned and this is really something that adds up to the cost of the timber garage.


If maintenance is not performed on a regular basis, it will cause extensive and serious damage to the entire home in the process. Thus, it really makes sense to do some research or consult with a professional contractor to learn some important pieces of information that can help you take good care of your timber garage. These people are very much aware of the advantages and disadvantages of timber garages so talking to them will help you become well-guided in your aim to buying and owning a timber garage.

Finding a good source of timber garages is never a problem these days. Many companies that manufacture ready-made structures like garages are widely seen in newspapers and magazines. Or better yet, you can go searching online and there you will find a long list of potential results – companies that will provide you the kind of timber garage you want for your home. Take the time to compare one to another to make sure that you will be picking the one that’s best for you.

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