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How to Prepare Your Wooden Garage for Rainy Autumn

Living in a log cabin gives you a unique and unmatched experience. To enhance the beauty of your wooden abode further, you can plan a beautiful garden around it. Also, instead of a garage built from traditional material such as concrete or cement, constructing a wooden garage will add immensely to the beautification of your wooden cabin. A wooden garage, just like your wooden cabin has a long and durable life. Wood is the most robust and resilient naturally occurring material.

Autumn is the time of the year when the pleasant climate starts turning into a more extreme winter, and the temperatures start falling rapidly. It is also the time when there are sporadic but heavy rains that can cause severe damages to your log cabin, the surrounding garden as well as your wooden garage.

Hence, it is essential that you take due care of not just the cabin but also the garage so that it remains in proper conditions for several years to come. Autumn marks the beginning of dropping mercury and the rains in the autumn lead to sudden drops in temperature. It is crucial for you to take due care of your garage in this season.

Choose the Right Quality Timber for Your Wooden Garage

Building a highly sustainable and durable wooden garage is the best method to protect it from the extremities of the weather such as torrential rains. Build your garage from a properly seasoned timber. Wood that is not seasoned appropriately has a higher chance of sustaining damage.

It is, therefore, imperative that your selection of the wood should be appropriate. It will ensure not just the durability of the garage to withstand the rain but also gives it a longer life and better sustainability under all extreme conditions. It is also very cost efficient since a high-quality timber lasts for even decades and does not require much of maintenance.

   *  Select the best quality wood within your budget.

   *  Use properly seasoned wood so that it will be in a better position to sustain itself during autumn rains.

   *  Build the garage at least a few months before autumn to allow the wood time to season.

   *  Selecting a good quality timber will result in a long lasting garage.

   *  The costs for repairs, maintenance and replacements is little.

Thorough Inspection

Check if the wooden garage walls have any damages. If there are any holes, splits or cracks in the walls, roof, doors or windows, a thorough inspection will allow you to identify it in time and avoid any damages from occurring.

Fill the holes with appropriate sealant or other material suitable for closing these gaps in the wood. Use good quality sealants to prevent water entering into your wooden garage from the cracks.

   *  Do a comprehensive inspection of your wooden garage before the advent of autumn and also periodically during autumn so that you can identify any new damages in time.

   *  Check for any damages to the wooden walls, floors, windows and doors.

   *  If there are any splits or cracks, fill them up with appropriate material or sealants.

Avoid Water Logging


When it rains in autumn, the temperature drops suddenly, and if there is any water-logging, it might cause several problems. Check if your wooden garage has any parts especially near the edges where there could be water logging. If there is any such chance, take appropriate measures.

Treat the Timber of Your Wooden Garage

Selecting a good quality wood itself reduces the chances of damages even in extreme climatic conditions. Still, as a precaution you may choose to treat your wooden garage by applying a suitable polish or varnish.

It will give the timber of garage more durability to last longer and withstand the autumn rain. There are several treatment materials that you can use to give a couple of protective coating to your timber garage.

   *  Select a good quality polish or varnish to give protective coating to your wooden garage.

   *  A coat of a Wood Stain gives the timber the quality of "microporosity". It allows the wood to get more air even to the internal parts and also results in easy and fast evaporation of water vapours freeing the wood of any moisture.

   *  Varnish is a combination of rosin or copal that is boiled along with linseed oil. Varnish is not just more efficient than oil based treatment but also gives a better appearance to the timber. Varnishes also protect wood from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

   *  White lead paint is another option that you may consider providing a protective coating to your wooden garage.

   *  Other treatment materials such as linseed oil paints and water-based acrylic paints are also suitable alternatives to protect your timber from harsh weather.

Check the Drainage and Plumbing Systems

During autumn, there is a high chance of fallen leaves entering the drainage system. It can choke up the drainage pipes causing water logging. When it rains, the water does not find any escape route and might overflow into your wooden garage, cabin or garden causing significant damages to them.

To prevent such situations from occurring, clean your drainage pipes and if there are any damages to them, get them repaired. Likewise, check your entire plumbing system. Replace any damaged parts.

   *  Check the drainage system and pipes for any damages.

   *  Identify any blockages in the drainage systems and clear them.

   *  Check the plumbing system.

Check the Insulation and Ventilation Systems

Wood is a natural insulator. However, if there are any damage to it, the interiors of your wooden garage might get moist. Also, if the ventilation system is not appropriately functional, there can be humidity inside the garage. A moist interior might result in fungus or infestation resulting in damages to your wooden garage.

   *  Check the ventilation and insulation.        *  Use the right insulators to avoid any humidity from occurring inside your wooden garage.    *  Protect the interiors of your wooden garage from getting moist by repairing damaged ventilation system.

With right care and precautions, you can prepare your wooden garage to face the harsh weather and autumn rains. Proper care and protection from rain will also increase the life of your garage and save costs.

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