• Useful Gardening Tips: The Use of A Log Cabin

    When spring is just around the corner, many people turn to their gardens with the view of giving them a new look and layout. Spring is the time of year when plants, flowers, trees and shrubs come to life after being dormant for the winter season. Having a relaxing garden enhanced with features is a great idea. You don't have to spend a fortune to transform it into a haven of delight. Have a think about the layout of your garden this coming spring and how to improve it. Try to keep in mind the bigger picture of exactly how your garden will look when it is complete. The garden is a place where you can add as much or as little as you like to suit your budget and taste. Why not consider the following features? Stone pathways and steps ‒ add charm to your garden with a stone path and steps. ... (More)
  • Convert Your Wooden Garage into The Ideal Workshop Using These Simple Tips

    It is an established and well-known fact that log cabins can be used for a variety of purposes. The log cabins available on the market today are extremely spacious and durable and because of this, by organising things effectively, you can use a log cabin as a garage, a garden shed, a kids’ playroom, office and even as a functional workshop. For a lot of  wooden garage owners, the garage serves a dual purpose – a place to park the car and a work area or workshop. This is especially true for log cabin owners who love to work on DIY projects. If you are into arts, woodwork or DIY converting a space into your own workshop is a great way of not only utilising the space effectively, but also maximising your space. If you are considering converting a garage into a good looking and functiona... (More)
  • A Few Good Reasons Why You Will Not Regret Investing in A Residential Log Cabin

    Gone are the days when residential log cabins were considered as rustic backwoods dwellings. They have become very popular over the years. Their popularity and increased demand have moved these structures from the sidelines to the centre stage and as a result lots of people are considering these structures as a good investment choice. Nonetheless, many people are still confused about these structures and are finding it hard to decide whether or not to invest in these cabins. Let’s find out more about the benefits a residential log cabin can offer. Once you know how beneficial these structures are, you will be able to make an informed decision about owning one for yourself. Log houses are beautiful and rustic to look at. In addition, they are also very eco-friendly, which is a very sig... (More)
  • The Rich History of Log Cabins

    Log cabins may have gained immense popularity over the past few years, but they have actually been around from centuries. Log cabins have a rich history and they are known to have been in existence for almost 5000 years. Without a doubt, they have gradually acquired a more contemporary and luxurious look, but earlier they were a small abode made of logs built to get protection from the elements. We all are very much aware of the features and benefits of the residential log cabins that are available today, but hardly any of us know about their history, so here we’ll discuss some of the history of log cabins and find out how they have been helping people of various ages to meet their shelter requirements. It is believed that the first log cabins were built over 5000 years ago in Northern ... (More)
  • How to Build Table and Chair for A Log House Using Wooden Pallets

    Using wooden pallets to build furniture for your log house is an eco-friendly and fun way to make inexpensive and simple furniture and storage shelves for unusual and stylish residential log house decorating. Wooden pallet dining tables, couches, chairs, bed frames, indoor and outdoor wooden pallet benches, storage shelves are just some of the very popular and creative DIY projects you can enjoy. A log house can look relaxing and comfortable with handmade furniture made of wooden pallets. Interesting designs and bright painting ideas create modern appealing interiors with wooden furniture. You can build almost any piece of modern furniture with wooden pallets. Wooden pallets are an excellent material for DIY projects, allowing you to experiment and build unique items to give your resid... (More)
  • Hunter’s Style Decorating Tips for Log Cabins

    Log cabins are getting immensely popular all across the globe, in such instances if you want your log cabin to stand out and have an exceptionally unique look and feel, then it is important that you design its interior thoughtfully. You can also choose a theme to design the interior of the residential log cabin. Fortunately, there are varieties of great themes available to make your task easier. One of the rarest and extremely classy themes is that of hunter’s style log cabin. Hunter’s style log cabins are known for their rich, classy and rustic look. You can also try giving your timber cottage a hunter style interior and impress your guests. Here are few tips that will help you decorate cozy cabin of your dreams. (If you don't have a log cabin yet, you can find more useful informati... (More)
  • Family from Wales Builds “Hobbit house”

    Simon Dale was a man who was fed up with huge mortgage payments and decided to take things into his own hands. So, he took a chisel, a hammer, a chainsaw and moved to a hillside in Wales and began to build. He was convinced that the house would not cost more than a half of the family’s income. The result of four months’ work was a wooden, environmentally friendly house (like log cabin, timber house or other wooden structure) which cost only £3,000. Everybody who saw this house said that it looks just like one of the Hobbit houses from The Lord of the Rings. Mr Dale, who had no previous experience in carpentry, managed to build a sustainable home for his family using scrap wood for floors, and materials scavenged from skips. While Simon was building a house, his wife Jasmine Saville ... (More)
  • The Most Popular Myths About Log Cabins

       1.  A Log Cabin Is A House to Spend a Holiday or A Weekend A wooden building, in fact, can be used as a permanent living space like any cottage, flat or a house made of bricks. Wooden log cabins can also be a very well-equipped, safe, warm and  cozy  place of living; the main difference is the material it is made out of.    2.  Log Cabins Are Likely to Burn Down Though, given the right conditions, timber can be flammable, as a rule it is treated with non-combustible materials, while (God forbid) if somebody decides to burn your house down, it will make be no difference if it is a wooden or a brick house.    3.  A Wooden House Will Not Last for Long Forget about old log cabins. Today, in the days of advanced modern technologies, your wooden house could serve you for 100-200 ... (More)
  • Information You Need to Know About Wooden Gazebo

    Wooden gazebo is a feature which fits perfectly with any garden environment, moreover, it adds a touch of harmony to it – a garden can look unfinished without this feature. Gazebos can be made from a wide range of materials such as bricks, forged metal, logs etc; however, a   wooden   gazebo is often the most popular alternative. As a rule, gazebos are positioned in the place where plants and flowers are most abundant. Possibly the most ideal place for a gazebo is one shielded from the wind by a hill slope or by a row of trees, while a playground or a small water pool can be made nearby. Wooden gazebo could be surrounded by a conifer garden or a rock garden, a rose garden, fruit trees or wild plants. For this purpose special green zones have been created: beds with evergreen plant... (More)
  • Log Cabin Furnitures: A Bed Made of Pallets

    We spend about a third of our life sleeping and this is why a bed has always formed an integral part of our interior. So, it’s obvious that a bed should be both comfortable and nice enough to wake up in when the morning comes. So, what should you do when you want to have a stylish bed but you don’t want to spend a lot of money? Well, here we have an interesting idea of how to make a stylish bed from wooden pallets (which is suitable for log cabin). To Make A Bed from Wooden Pallets You'll Need the Following:  *  2 EURO pallets 120 x 80 x 145 cm    *  6 trolley wheels (12cm diameter wheels are ideal)    *  2 joint panels (to join the pallets)    *  screws    *  a mattress (an old mattress will work just as well) How to Make A Bed:    1  Make the 2 pallets the same... (More)

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