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How Do I Keep My Living Room Attractive?

Which room is the most important to you? For most people, it is the kitchen, with the living room a close second. The kitchen is the heart of the home, while the living room is the soul. People gather here, get into lengthy conversations, chat about books, watch movies, catch up and laze by the fire. It is probably the first thing that people see when walking into the house, depending on your design. It is thus a valuable space, one that you cannot avoid and one that you hold dear to your heart.

With many activities taking place in the living room, it follows that this room should be attractive. With wooden summer houses, most of the work is already in place. After all, you have light streaming in from the outdoors to the interior. And lighting is one of the most luxurious ways of beautifying a room. With lighting out of the way, all you need are a few design tips to have your home looking like the haven it is. Here’s how:


Layering your lighting not only adds to the illumination in the room, it also makes the room feel more luxurious. While you may have daylight streaming in all day, you cannot rely on the moon to illuminate your house on most days. That is why you need to get good lighting. When doing this, avoid going down the standard route and buying light fixtures in one colour and model. Instead, look into the various options on the market and think of a way to layer them to create a welcoming ambiance. The good thing is that you will not have to spend a fortune to create this pattern. Start with a pendant light and move on from there. For wooden summer houses, having traditional table lamps could help in completing the look. Another idea would be to have candles lighting the home, making the space at one with nature. Place these fixtures around the room and see the difference that they make. Also, you could add dimmer switches to alter the brightness and add to the allure of the room. Most fixtures do not require extra wiring and will have the space feeling welcoming in no time. Be sure not to overdo the lighting, or the room may feel busy.


Have you looked at the price of pillows of late? If you have, then you know that the prices soar with each day that comes. So what happens if you need a good set of pillows but haven’t got the budget to back up this need? Easy! You get some excellent fabric and head to your favourite tailor. It is always best to buy fabric during sales when the discounts allow you to get as many pieces as you would like. Your tailor can then convert the fabric to beautiful pillowcases, and you can add the feather inserts. If you are good with crafts, you can do away with the tailor and handle the sewing yourself.

You can then place the pillows around the room to create an inviting feel. Anyone walking into your space should itch to get a feel of those plush pillows casually draped in the room. And the good thing is that you will not have to dig far into your pocket.


When you walk into someone’s home, how long does it take before your eyes land on the curtains? For some people, the reaction is instant. They walk in, set their eyes on their draperies, and get a feel of the room from this feature. Thus, treating your windows is of the essence. The first rule to keep in mind is that the curtains should not be too short. If they are, they give off the vibe of being cheap, and they negatively affect the luxury factor in the room. Also, short curtains look like they came from the store. They look discounted, mass-produced, and are not the best look for your home.

That is not to say that you cannot get your curtains from the store. You can, but you have to get the right size to make your room beautiful. Start by measuring the length and width of your windows before making purchases. That way, when you get to the store, you can tell what will fit and what would cheapen the room. Alternatively, drop by the fabric store and get a material that you can then present to the tailor. Finish the look with curtain rods and brackets, and people visiting your home will be in awe.


Why do people love art so much? Well, you can tell the difference between a home with art and one without art. One with art will have a luxurious feel that will have you itching to stay longer. The other will feel pretty dull unless the owner has some other tricks up their sleeve. Also, art is a great conversation starter. People will walk in, unsure of what to say. On seeing the art piece, they can strike up a conversation about their love for art or something related. It is an ice breaker and will have people opening up in no time.

The best place to get art is in an estate sale or secondhand shop. Here, you will find pieces with a lot of history attached to them. These pieces will be of value, and you will have a lot to divulge to your visitors. You could also get a generic piece from a store. As much as this will not have history, you are likely to develop a great deal of interest in the piece owing to personal preferences. Another way to go about this would be to make the art yourself. All you need is a canvas, and you can let your creative juices spill onto it in the hope of creating magic.

With these tips, your home should look and feel attractive to you and your visitors. Ensure that the living room is always clean. You may have the best art pieces and impeccable lighting, but with dirt in sight, they all lose their value. Therefore, look into the storage options and keep clutter off the floor. Good luck!

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