• The history of residential log cabins in Scotland

    Residential log cabins have existed since ancient times and continue being popular as the dwelling places that offer the most natural living conditions. Europe is the birthplace of residential log cabins from where they spread throughout the world and are now among the most popular vacation and holiday homes. Whenever an allusion to the history of residential log cabins is made, the first thought that comes to the mind is of wooden structures made of conical trees in Scandinavia. It is that part of Europe which is considered to be the birthplace of log homes. However, any reference to log cabins is Scotland is not given much importance as not many believe that Scotland has made any significant contribution to the development of residential log cabins. But, contrary to the popular belief, ... (More)
  • The history of wooden houses in the UK

    Wooden houses such as log cabins are popular in the United Kingdom as vacation or weekend homes. However, there is more to wooden houses than just being an alternative to the boisterous urban life. Wooden houses are said to have existed in the UK since the ancient times. This article takes a ride back in the history to find the origins of wooden houses in the UK. The oldest wooden house in the United Kingdom According to a report in Telegraph, the oldest house in what is the modern day United Kingdom is almost eleven and a half millennia old, and it was made of wood. Archaeologists have discovered the platform of a house made by hewing and splitting timber. It is a circular shaped structure found close to Scarborough near the Northern Yorkshire. According to the archaeological team that h... (More)
  • Log Cabin a Perfect Place for Hunters

    The primary advantages of log cabins is that they are a getaway from the mundane, boring and unhealthy city lives. These cabins are the perfect place to spend some quality time in close proximity to nature. (check there to know more about log cabins) Log cabins are generally situated away from the cities and close to the wild woods. While these cabins are perfect for a family outing or spending the vacation time, these cabins are also the perfect abode for hunters who like to go to the wood and hunt a few wild animals. Factors such as being situated close to the woods, a calm wooden structure, a peaceful ambience and a warm interior, make log cabins perfect place for hunters. Natural habitat Log cabins are usually situated in places that are surrounded by a more natural environment. It is... (More)
  • Meet Your Guests at Your Residential Cabin

    Planning to invite guests at your residential cabin? Then you might be in for a treat, as residential cabins are the best option for having parties and get together. Many people get the residential cabins made, so that they can plan a weekend getaway there to have all the fun. Many owners get the log homes constructed deep into the woods to have a break from the daily hectic lifestyles of the city routine and then at the weekends they plan a party with their friends and families, away from the routine chores of city life. Before you plan a party at the residential cabins, you need to keep certain points in mind, so that you can use the space available in the residential cabin in the best possible way. In this article, we are going to give you some of the tips that will help you plan a w... (More)
  • How to Protect Your Log Cabin from Pests

    Like many other homes, your log cabin also needs maintenance and protection from time to time. To make sure that the life of the log cabin is extended and you are protecting it from pests, you have to ensure all the right maintenance techniques. As the cabins are made from log wood, they are subjected to several threats from the different seasons, to pests and other areas. The best way to protect the log cabin is to have a routine check-up on a regular basis to look out for any areas that indicate the decay of the wood. There is also a myth that log cabins are really hard to maintain on a long-term basis and you have to spend a lot on the care of the wood. In reality, you don’t have to blow your bank account when it comes to the maintenance of the cabin, nor does it require hours of your... (More)
  • Activities That You Can Do If You Have Residential Cabin

    There are many activities that you can plan if you have log house in in the woods. Residential cabins are the perfect gateways from the daily hectic schedules that we have on a day to day basis and they offer us a vent where we can be close to nature and can enjoy a more positive attitude towards life. There are so many things to do inside and outside of a residential cabin that will fill you with peace and happiness. Here in this article, we will show you many ways in which you can fully enjoy your residential cabin and make the most use of it. To start with, you can plan things that you just can’t do in urban homes. Residential cabins are made in a way that they offer you a much better environment and open space that allows you to experiment with different options. This way you c... (More)
  • Gardening Jobs Around Your Residential Cabin in June

    June is the best month when it comes to gardening around your residential cabin, as the plants are full of life and every corner of the woods and your garden is in full bloom. In June, everything is green and the plants grow much faster as compared to the other months. If you have been waiting for the right time to spice up the garden of your residential cabin, then this is the perfect time to do so. As the summer is rapidly approaching, June will sure be a wondrously busy month for you. There are many things that you can plan for the garden in this month. As the weather is mostly perfect, you could try many species of plants around the garden. This will keep your garden looking fresh and full of flowers for the coming months. Here are few tips on the gardening jobs around your resident... (More)
  • Make Every Holiday Throughout the Year Special with a Log Cabin

    Many urban families dream about getting away from the high pressure surroundings, concrete landscaping and fast pace associated with the modern urban lifestyle. Today, people want to have a holidaying experience where they actually get to enjoy the laid back lifestyle that also gives them a chance to experience something extremely different from their routine. People less and less want to visit amusement parks, sunshine beaches and stay in luxurious hotels. Even though, these holidays give a nice break from their everyday routine, they are not very helpful for reconnecting with each other as a family. Due to their busy schedules, people now look for holidays that can give them an opportunity to reconnect with friends and family and where they can get away from all of life’s hustle and e... (More)
  • How to Maintain Your Garden Next to Your Log Cabin Throughout the Year

    Not many people take as much joy in maintaining a garden as they do in creating one next to their log cabin. But, it goes without saying that maintaining a miniature garden is crucial if you want to keep it as fresh as it looked in its first spring. If you take the job of watering plants or removing weeds or turning the soil as a job that needs to be done, then it will definitely consume a great part of your mind and make you feel stressed. But, if you look at gardening as a leisure-time fun activity or as a hobby, then gardening can actually help you relax and loosen up. Gardening is an activity that you will definitely enjoy, especially when you see the butterflies dancing on the flowers, or flowers taking shape as fruits and veggies that can enhance the taste of your food. Nevertheles... (More)
  • Great Garden Lighting Ideas for A Beautiful Log Cabin Exterior

    A log cabin set up in the middle of a garden, is liked by people all across the globe. The log cabin in itself is a very beautiful and appealing structure and when located in the midst of a green space, the backdrop it creates is simply awe-inspiring. A garden log cabin adds style and glamour to any house. But, generally, people think that installing a log cabin is enough to decorate the garden and make it stand out. However, you need to work on a number of other elements as well in order to add to the beauty and charm of your garden and log cabin. Garden lighting is one really crucial element to keep your log cabin exterior beautiful. Not everybody understands that by lighting your garden in a different way, you can create a different type of look for your garden. Also, remember, when co... (More)

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