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Contemporary Garden Offices

Clean, crisp & minimalistic lines and distinctive modern look are the main features differentiating our contemporary garden offices from the traditional ones. Our contemporary

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garden office range is a result of passion for woodworking, years of experience and cooperation with highly skilled industry professionals. High-quality materials and efficient thermal insulation make these architectural structures a stylish and ergonomic workspace, perfect for an uplifting remote working experience.

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This PREMIUM garden office model combines superb functionality and beautiful contemporary style, like all the smaller models of this range. If you are looking for a highly affordable solution, which would not overload your garden area and allow you to have a dedicated space for working or performing your hobby, this could be a great model to go for. For your utmost convenience, an insulated version of this model is available as well.
  • An abundance of natural light
  • Made from slow-grown conifer timber
  • Insulated version available

Special Price: £5,556.00

Regular Price: £5,748.00
A mid-sized garden office from our PREMIUM range will provide you with a comfortable and cosy workspace and conveniently fit all your work essentials. Strict lines, subtle contemporary style and large windows create a unique architectural solution perfect for creating a remote workspace conveniently located close to your home. If you own a contemporary style house, modern architectural aesthetics will seamlessly adapt to your surroundings. For your utmost convenience, an insulated version of this model is available as well.
  • Multifunctional solution
  • Bright, cosy and spacious
  • Insulated version available

Special Price: £6,523.00

Regular Price: £6,692.00
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This PREMIUM garden office is a comfortable multifunctional structure, that extends your home space and provides you with additional room for performing your desired activities. Bright, spacious and fully optimized for remote office use, this contemporary building could also serve as a hobby room, art studio or workshop. For your utmost convenience, an insulated version of this model is available as well.
  • Compact and cosy
  • An abundance of natural sunlight
  • Insulated version available

Special Price: £7,583.00

Regular Price: £7,783.00
Are you tired of working from your couch? Our efficiently insulated PREMIUM garden building could become your dedicated personal workspace, ensuring substantially higher productivity rate and overall comfort. Available in a variety of different sizes, our SIPs range models feature a distinguished contemporary look, charming vertical cladding and numerous large windows and doors, letting all the gorgeous sunlight in.
  • Efficient thermal insulation
  • An abundance of natural light
  • PVC windows and doors 

Special Price: £19,623.00

Regular Price: £22,542.00
A stylish, exceptionally bright garden office PREMIUM is a great choice for someone looking for a dedicated personal workspace. This exact model features a spacious covered terrace, allowing you to comfortably lounge outdoors. For your utmost convenience, an insulated version of this model is available as well.
  • Covered 9 m² terrace
  • Bright, warm and cosy
  • Insulated version available

Special Price: £9,162.00

Regular Price: £9,429.00
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Questions & Answers

  • What is the difference between a log cabin and a garden office?

    Log cabins are classic buildings that feature traditional design elements, such as smaller windows, double-pitched roofs, and boards that interlock in the corners. Garden offices stun with their elegant minimalism and modern, compact layouts that are perfectly suitable for a private workspace. Our assortment also features cladded log cabins with large windows and high-quality insulation, so there’s selection aplenty. If you have a certain look in mind, we’d gladly take on a unique project – just call us at +44 20 7099 4301!

  • Does a garden office add value to the property?

    Yes, it does! The added value depends on a few aspects, including the measurements and condition of your garden office, however, you can expect an increase of anywhere from 5% to 15% in value. All in all, you can rest easy knowing that your property will be more sought after in the marketplace due to such a useful and aesthetically pleasing addition.

  • Do you need planning permission for a garden office?

    It’s most likely that you will not need Planning Permission for your garden office, however, we would recommend checking in with your Local Planning Authorities. To get an idea of when a garden office is exempt from Planning Permission and see the bulleted list that includes all the technical details, please refer to the Planning Permission page.

  • Do garden offices need foundation?

    Yes, foundation is crucial for the garden office’s structural integrity and longevity, whether it’s concrete slabs or a timber base. At, you can find three different options that may suit your needs, budget, and expectations moving forward. The size of the base has to match the exterior measurements of the garden office, but more about that and other commonly asked questions can be found on our dedicated Foundation page.

  • Are home garden offices warm in the winter?

    As long as the garden office is insulated or heated with an electric heater or wood burner, it will be cosy and warm in the colder months. You’re welcome to choose a model with high-quality wall, floor and roof insulation, which will help retain the warmth and make your garden office a joy to work in at all times. The most effective option comes with models that feature SIPs technology, which includes PVC windows and doors, plus insulation panels that help lock in the heat. Find out more about our recommended insulation and its benefits on our Insulation page.

  • Can plasterboard be used for a garden office’s interior?

    If you’re leaning towards a log cabin, then the interior finish by default is the wooden wall – if you like the look of it, then no further work has to be done. If the SIPs construction is what caught your eye, we offer either Natural Wood Cladding or Wood Fibre boards (White or Light Grey), which both look great as interior finishes. We do not recommend using plasterboard, as it will deform over time and possibly start to crack. Read about our recommended construction materials and pick your winner by visiting our Types of Building Construction page.

  • What kind of garden office roofing is included in the price?

    It depends on the model. For example, if you’re choosing one of our log construction garden offices, we recommend adding bitumen shingles or metal roofing as an extra to your order. On the other hand, the garden offices made using SIPs technology have EPDM roof covering included in the price alongside PVC windows and doors. For further information regarding pricing and the pros and cons of each selection, go to our Roof Coverings page.

  • How long does it take to assemble a garden office?

    Most small garden offices can be assembled in a few days, but the time frame changes when it comes to cladded garden offices and ones that feature SIPs technology. The cladded models might take a few extra days to finish, while PREMIUM (SIPs) garden offices can take closer to a week – they can also only be assembled by someone with more experience, which is why we recommend ordering our exemplary assembly service for these models. 

  • Do you provide bespoke garden offices?

    Yes, our garden offices can be a great starting point for your project! If you’d like to change things up in a particular model besides adding some extras from the additional feature list, our hardworking team can create a new plan with different measurements, window positioning, wall thickness, extra partitions and whatnot. Find out the delivery time, pricing, and how to share your ideas with us by visiting the Bespoke Garden Buildings page.

  • Do you provide turn-key garden offices?

    The garden offices at feature interior finishes of Natural Wood Cladding or Fibre Board (Pure White Wood or Light Grey Wood) for SIPs garden offices. The other models don’t need an extra interior layer, as the wood looks polished and neat as it is. You can always choose to add extras from the list below each building, which features a steel gutter system, a timber frame or concrete base, Ultra Classic paints, and more, all of which depend on each model and its specifications. Call us at +44 20 7099 4301 if you have something in mind!

  • When will my garden office be delivered?

    Our delivery is fast and reliable – you can expect a product that’s in stock to be delivered in just 2 to 3 weeks! Bespoke projects may take longer, but all about that, the pricing and more can be found on our Delivery page.

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