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No Dream is Too Big (Another Happy Customer)

You don't need to be Peter Pan to have an exclusive accommodation option. It is always a pleasure to be a part of the exciting project that you could be proud of yourself and which makes you feel special when clients trust you at a such a high level. This time high level is not just a metaphor.

The architect and the rest of the team had less space to be free out wide, but more space to create something absolutely unique. Step by step building log house the idea and confirming the small details, the team went up to the stage where it became a reality. It takes a little more time to erect or to put the treatment on the timber but isn’t it worth it?

The reliable structure, with its special and convenient design is now a cosy wooden house for one of our clients. The single skin walls are perfect for the lightness of the building and made it possible to use the maximum height for a cosy small bedroom on the second storey. Double-glazed windows, which we offer for all our products, are installed in this building as well. This keeps the building warm and works as good sound insulation. All the best features can be applied no matter what circumstances nature provides us. 

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