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Phil's log cabin FILL

Phil wanted a two-bedrooms summerhouse where he can spend his warm summer days. We offered a few options and the one that stuck with him was the log Fill cabin, no idea why! fillThe design was just what he was looking for except for some layout and window/door changes. However, after sending the plan back and forth a few times for correction we finally agreed on the design! What came out - you can see for yourself. fill 6Phil decided to keep the color of the wood and decorated the interior to give it a nice rustic feel. The cabin looks very cosy inside ant might be just what you need to relax in the summer. It was built with the upgraded 66mm walls logs and that is all you need for a summerhouse. fill 4What about you would you go for a contemporary look or this rustic design makes you feel right at home? fill 2 fill 3

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