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Barry's fancy Clockhouse log cabin

Why not to add some Mediterranean look to your cabin? Our customers happen to have very delicate tastes when it comes to decorating their gardens. One of our customers had an idea of putting a small log cabin into his garden which would add a decorative touch as well as provide some cozy space for his family.

20170704_121225_resizedOut of our whole range he chose a small cabin with a clock tower - and indeed a cabin with a dormer, large windows and French door proves to be a very nice and attractive design. But not only that.

20170704_121309_resizedThe customer decided to choose Mediterranean style and combined white and blue colours to paint the cabin – as a result he had a lovely design cabin, with dominating white colour while the doors and the windows were painted in light blue colour.

20170704_130407_resizedThe pots with vivid flowers added a final touch as well as a delightful scent and here it comes – a fabulous look cabin lit with sunshine against a blue sky. When inside you can easily imagine you're sitting by the sea somewhere on the Mediterranean coast and there are steep yellow rocks hidden behind the trees. Why not to get involved in such an illusion for a minute?


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