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Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A Holiday Log Cabin

The United Kingdom is a very popular tourist destination. Tourists and globetrotters from all parts of the world visit the UK especially in the autumn to witness the heavenly beauty of the place and relax. The beauty of the UK is at its peak in autumn when the trees’ leaves turn to deep reds and orange and the low golden sun creates long shadows. However, the weather in the UK is a little unpredictable. In such instances, when planning a holiday, individuals look for the right type of holiday accommodation. They know that by choosing the right type of accommodation they can be assured of having a lovely relaxing holiday, irrespective of the weather outside and as per tourist’s preferences, the perfect type of holiday accommodations is that of holiday cabins or log cabins.

Holiday log cabins kits are comparatively new in the UK self-catering holiday accommodation scene but gradually they are increasing in popularity and it is obvious why. They tend to be furnished to the type of standard that you would find in luxury holiday cottages but usually they are situated in outstanding locations where you would not normally get planning permission to build a regular bricks and mortar accommodation. Now, generally, when an individual is planning a holiday, renting a holiday log cabin is on their priority list, but what if rather than renting a cabin, you buy one of your own? You should consider buying a log cabin if you live in the UK and like to take breaks from work or you are a frequent visitor to the UK.

But this doesn’t imply that you should consider having a garden cabin of your own only if you fall in the above two specified categories. Anybody can have a cabin in the scenic locations of the UK as there are some wonderful places to visit and stay, both inland and on the coast, making it easier to rent the cabin to tourists and earn through rental income. These days it is a lot easier to rent a log cabin on your own, by advertising on online directories or by creating your own website or simply by word of mouth. Also, there are property managers who help in finding tenants and provide great services for a fee of 10-20% of the collected rent. This can definitely assist in paying for some of the costs and can be a great option if you can’t spend much time at your cabin. You can also use internet marketing to promote your holiday cabin and bring in more guests.

One of the most important benefits of owning a log cabin is the freedom that you can enjoy with them. You can visit your log cabin and have a break or holiday whenever you like without any booking being required in advance. There are no expensive flights to book or hotels to search, when you own a holiday log cabin, you can pack your stuff and spend a weekend or a week or a few days in a fully furnished cabin located at a scenic location. It can be the perfect retreat from your busy schedule or hectic lifestyle while also offering great relief from a busy week at work. By equipping your log cabin with digital TV, a DVD player and gaming consoles you won’t only ensure great fun and frolics for your vacation but also ensure great rental from tourists by offering them all amenities and luxuries they may need.

Generally, people think that when there are many great hotels, bed and breakfasts, or luxurious static caravans to rent while on holiday, then renting out a holiday log cabin would be difficult, as people prefer lavishness and luxury while on holiday. But that’s not true as now when people plan their holidays they look for a laid back holiday schedule that can provide a nice break from the hustle and bustle of busy street lives. They also aim to be closer to nature to experience a rustic lifestyle and log cabins provide all that in buckets. In addition, people on budget holidays prefer these cabins over luxurious hotels.

A huge variety of financing deals are also available when buying a holiday cabin. With some you only have to pay as little as a 15% deposit, with nothing else to pay for a few years and with a great mortgage available. You can also think about having your own log cabin if you are considering making an investment. Investing money has always and will always have some risk attached to it, especially when investing in shares, bonds or stocks but investing in a log cabin is comparatively safe and you don’t have to worry about fluctuating prices, especially if you are getting ROI in the form of rent or you are able to save on your personal holiday expenses by having your own vacation getaway. Also, log cabins are comparatively cheap so you can invest a little more.

Holiday log cabins are also easier to maintain, so you don’t have to worry about shelling out regularly to maintain the look and appeal of your holiday cabin. In addition, by investing in an insulated holiday cabin, you can keep the heating and cooling costs low, and present guests visiting your cabin from far away, a cosy and comfortable living experience. You can also use your log cabin as a guest room and surprise your guests with your extraordinary hospitality. Also, you can use it to host parties or events and keep your own house clean and tidy after a crazy party with friends and family.

However, when buying a holiday log cabin, it is important that you keep points like: location, pricing, maintenance cost etc. in mind to ensure that you put your money in a safe and right place. Also, do some research on planning permission, tax benefits, financing and mortgage before you actually buy a log cabin. So, don’t just dream about having an exotic getaway in a scenic location, get one now and live your dream as well as adding another source of income to your earnings.

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