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Various Technologies of Wooden House Building

Wooden houses have taken the world by storm and are not going anywhere any time soon. In fact, more and more technologies are now being developed for the building of log houses. The emergence of these log home building technologies pave the way for more innovative structures and you get to experience beautiful log houses that function as holiday homes and primary residences. That’s exactly why log house investment has become a lucrative choice.


Enhance Wooden Houses Building with these Technologies

The construction of wooden houses has come a long way from its first appearance in history 5000 years ago. Nowadays, newer and greener technologies take charge and make log house building better and more efficient. A lot of log home contractors and manufacturers have adapted the concept of eco-friendly and sustainable production. Suitable solutions for log house building gave birth to innovative technologies in the building of contemporary wooden houses.

Log Profiling Technology

One of the introduced innovations in today’s log house construction is log profiling. Reputable log structure companies offer wall materials and classify them for ease and convenience. Potential log home buyers and owners can now see the different log profiles available from available wood varieties. There are spruce, pine, hardwood, and softwood materials. Looking for wooden houses is made faster and hassle-free with this modern technology.

Dovetail Joint and Log Cornering Technology

Square log houses are now becoming trends in city and urban areas. The log cornering solution makes sure that log houses do not have characteristic cross corners such as protruding log ends. Contemporary wooden houses seamlessly fit well with the architecture of a particular area.

A dovetail joint, on the other hand, is necessary if a detail needs to be linked in crossing details with mortise. A dovetail joint is used to connect or cross log walls if the structure does not allow a classic cross corner.


Log Shaping Technology

In previous years, clients could only buy log materials that are rectangular in shape. Nowadays, wooden houses offer a new technology that lets you have other different angles for your house’s floor plan. It offers rooms with under or over 90 degree corners. Modern log structure contractors allow clients to choose different floor plans with octagon or polygon shapes. This is an innovative breakthrough in the log home construction.

Log Lengthening Technology

With today’s new technologies for wooden house building, you can get different shapes and angles for your logs while customizing their lengths as well. Typical raw materials for log houses have 6 metres or less length measurement. However, different customers have varying requests. Log home experts use 2 log lengthening technologies:

  • Finger Jointing

This method glues together the materials and transports the glued materials to the construction site. Take note that the end product is already at full length. The only limit for the log length is the restrictions during transportation.

  • Dovetail Jointing

Most wooden houses utilize this particular method in which the materials are milled in the factory. However, the assembly of the logs to reach the desired length is completed at the construction site. Due to this, the log length is no longer limited due to transport restrictions.

Double Exterior Wall Technology

The technology for a double exterior wall is a great feature for most residential log cabins. Extra insulation basically exists between the 2 parallel walls. The log home owner chooses the thickness of the insulation and the customization is easy. That’s because the space in between the double walls is adjustable. The technology offers higher energy efficiency and brings the heating cost to a significant minimum.


Wall Thickness and Extra Insulation Technology

A lot of wooden houses need extra insulation for better energy efficiency. The technology that allows customization of the wall thickness plays a great role in the choice of extra insulation. Thinner interior walls offer more useful and sufficient floor space. Log home owners could save more money with their wall prices as well as their building and internal door costs.

New extra insulation systems are also available for log walls. Log houses have special extra insulations installed on the exterior part of their walls. This technology enables you to have a better extra layer of the needed insulation through covering the walls. Clients choose whatever materials they prefer for the wall cover. The insulation is between the exterior façade and the wall.

Pre-Cut Log Home Technology

This type of construction is ready for installation. Pre-cut houses are also mortised and marked before they leave the factory. Pre-cut wooden houses are applicable for interior walls, roof construction, and first floor walls. The labelled and processed details give you wooden frames that are ready to assemble. The pre-cut solution is available for average-sized residences.


Post and Beam Technology

Reputable contractors and manufacturers of wooden houses pay great attention to detail, including the post and beam features. Dovetail joints connect the post and beams however there are also other connectors available. The jointing of the post and beams ensures stiffness to the log home construction. Upon completion of the main frame, the openings located in between the post and beams are then filled with glass or wooden details. Clients can choose the materials of their liking.

Certified Eco-Friendly Technology

Living in wooden houses puts an emphasis on simple and natural lifestyles. Therefore, using green technology in constructing log structures is a normal route to take. A healthy and eco-friendly living environment is the priority of today’s wooden house building technology. Companies follow principles that protect the environment while making log houses.

For instance, green log house technologies keep production waste to a minimum. They also reduce energy usage. Some do this through collecting the wood production wastes and putting them into the wood chipper. The sawdust is a good material for kiln driers and heating factories. Eco-friendly materials are also used for wooden house building.


The technologies for wooden houses building are numerous. The creation of these technologies aims to have the best quality log houses with the safest and most convenient construction systems. Log home building is now faster, easier, and more efficient than ever. Consult a log house specialist right now!

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