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Signs That Tell You it‘s Time to Change the Flooring in a Log Cabin

The flooring of your log cabin has a strong impact on its general internal look. It is also the flooring which is considered a very tactile aspect of your wooden cabin due to the reason that it receives the most impact on a daily basis. Another significant aspect is the serviceability of the type of floor you have chosen. This simply means how good it is for certain activities to be done in a particular room and how simple and easy it is to maintain and keep them clean all the time. Cost plays a very crucial role in the selection of flooring type for your log cabin but it is also important to always keep in mind the longevity of a particular type of flooring.


Flooring in Different Areas of a Log Cabin

It isn’t necessary that the entire log cabin has to have a similar look; and this proves to be true when it comes to its flooring. It is quite sensible to choose various types of flooring for certain rooms or areas in your log cabin. The most popular type of flooring is of course wood but there are more possible options from which you can choose from. These choices include carpet, ceramic tiles, vinyl, laminate, and stone flooring.

However, as time passes by your flooring tends to undergo the process called wear and tear and this is really inevitable especially when normal occurrences are the ones affecting your floor. So, what are the signs that will tell you it‘s time to change the flooring of your log cabin? There are actually five signs that you need to know so that you can quickly decide when it is time to replace the existing flooring of your log cabin.

When the Carpet Starts to Smell Bad

The majority of homeowners today suffer from an awful smell in their log cabin due to the presence of pets. Since these pets are allowed to stay inside, the carpet flooring tends to absorb some of the odour-carrying substances from these animals. If such thing happens, controlling the smell on the floor carpet may prove to be very difficult, even when you make use of the most popular and expensive deodoriser on the market today. Even modern cleaning equipment may find it hard to eliminate the stinking smell on the carpet, too. Do not immune yourself to smelling these stinking odours. The smartest choice is to replace your carpet flooring to get rid of those awful odours.


When Stains Become Noticeable

Stains usually happen when you have children and pet animals at home. However, this can be easily remedied and lessened with constant clean up. But there are times when stains are hard to remove and multiple cleaning does not help in any way. Looking at these stains seems to be very annoying and tiring. To stop yourself from seeing these stains time and time again, you should consider them as a sign that it‘s now time to change your flooring with something new that won‘t be affected by annoying stains.

When Tiles Tend to Show Multiple Cracks

There are actually different reasons why tile surfaces tend to crack. In most cases, the cracking of tile is due to heavy objects, climate or due to foundation problems. Cracks do not lessen in number each day, they tend to multiply and this is really alarming and even annoying to the eyes. If you see a whole lot of cracks on your tile flooring then this is a sign that says you already need to replace them with something new, maybe a new set of tile flooring or something that won’t crack.


When Allergens Become Apparent and Evident

Allergens are commonly found everywhere especially on the flooring. You know that it is simply high time to change your existing carpet flooring when allergens are becoming more and more noticeable and beginning to affect the health of your family. Old padding and carpets are good at trapping bacteria and allergens like pollen, dirt, dust, pet dander, etc. When these things are accumulated they will eventually affect your family‘s health in a harmful way. Instead of retaining your old carpet flooring you should remove it right away and install something that does not trap any allergy-causing particles.

When Flooring Becomes Outdated

Your log cabin is probably a dream home of yours so it is important that you should find all possible means to keep it as something that looks good and worthy. One of the best things to do in order to maintain the look and appeal of your log cabin is to keep your floors up to date. Taking the time to remodel your cabin is definitely an exciting venture as it is a perfect way to express and bring out the creativity and artistry in you and having a brand new floor gives the most impactful upgrade. And if you are looking forward to selling your log cabin to a prospective buyer, changing the old floors to brand new ones is always appealing to the buyer. With brand new floors, buyers would know that inside their new home they will be walking on something that‘s durable and truly long-lasting.


The flooring of a log cabin brings all rooms together and with proper care and maintenance you can have the assurance of adequately prolonging the life of your floors. Nevertheless, there are always times when maintenance and cleaning just aren‘t good enough to make your floors last for a long period. When things go wrong with your flooring and you think that there is no way to help you resolve it then it is simply high time to remove it. This proves to be true when your existing floor is of a stinky carpet or a cracked tile. The market is now teeming with plenty of flooring selections that will allow you to pick the one that you think is best for your log cabin.

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