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She Shed: Ideas, Purposes & Why You Might Need One in Your Life

What’s a she shed, you may wonder if you have never heard the term or considered garden buildings to be something worth looking into for pure leisure & relaxation, not just practical purposes. Well, to say it shortly, it is a garden haven, a feminine retreat, bringing so-much-needed moments of solitude, grounding, recharging & performing one's hobbies in a quiet and undisturbed space, resulting in a happier and more energized state of being. Sounds exciting, right? Then, stay with us as we guide you through the top aspects of creating a beautiful she shed space to relax and have quality time with yourself or surprise a loved lady in your life.

What’s a she shed all about?

The main point of a she shed is to have a peaceful space for enjoying things you love most. It’s a place to unwind during the day or spend cosy hours in the evening, concentrating on the activities that bring you good vibes and joy. She shed is a 24/7 personal oasis based on your premises, allowing you to feel your best in a comfortable and cosy setting. Being a female equivalent of a man cave, she shed is a place to recharge and bring more balance to a woman’s life - no wonder this concept is gaining more and more polarity among Great Britain’s ladies.

If you are looking for ideas on how to make your she shed a gorgeous space to be in, let’s not keep you waiting!

First things first: defining the main purpose of your she shed

This decision will suggest the entire customization process of your garden building and enable you to create the most delightful space for your personal needs. Whether it be a functional remote workspace, dreamy me-zone, fitness or yoga studio, art, mindfulness, or craft room, she sheds can deliver all of this and more! Let’s go through the most brilliant she shed ideas for your inspiration.

Relaxing reading (or napping) she shed

Need a space to curl up and read a good book? All you need to do to make this happen is select the cosiest garden building, find a stylish & comfy chair, grab a warm blanket and a cup of tea, and surround yourself with stylish interior elements. We won’t judge if your reading hour will end in a nap session!

When selecting a she shed reading room, consider choosing the one with large windows for an abundance of natural light. If you enjoy classical wooden aesthetics, garden studio MARTA, with its traditional form and enormous floor-to-ceiling windows, fits the profile perfectly. You can take advantage of the roof overhang to place a chair underneath and spend a delightful afternoon reading outside. A more contemporary garden office TINA will offer you a bright & cosy interior space and a compact outdoor terrace for taking your reading sessions outdoors if the weather is nice. Another stylish model that could provide a lovely base for a she shed reading room is PIA - its lovely design will look simply stunning in your garden! 

View our recommended reading (or napping) room type she sheds for sale:

Garden she shed as a workspace

Our productivity levels are directly related to our feeling of well-being & comfort. Create a remote space for utmost concentration and forget about interferences and constant chaos indoors.

Our collection of contemporary garden rooms is all about the latest design trends and exceptional design solutions. Numerous large windows will provide you with lots of natural light and a gorgeous view, which could hardly be ever experienced in a regular office. If you are someone who thrives when being surrounded by beautiful aesthetics, then look no further – these models are an exceptional choice for arranging your private workspace or garden studio. 

Want to create an outstanding office with outdoor space? Then, this garden room PREMIUM with a terrace could be the one to go for! Wish to go for a classical building structure with an apex roof? Garden room PIA is also a lovely choice to make - windows surrounding the front and the side will ensure an exceptional garden view and airy setting.

View our recommended office / workspace type she sheds for sale:

Cosy gardening lounge she shed

Can’t get enough of spending time taking care of your garden? Add some extra oomph to this experience by creating yourself a space to enjoy the luscious natural beauty you created while comfortably lounging in your dreamy personal space. 

Our traditional garden cabins are exceptionally classy and can become great garden she sheds. Add a functional terrace or select a model with a porch – so you can enjoy your own company admiring the beauty you’ve created with your hands. Don’t forget that you deserve quality rest in between the gardening activities – your hard work must pay out!

Traditional design buildings nicely blend into your garden and offer you a delightful personal space. If you want something compact, unpretentious and cosy, DREUX with its roof overhang, enabling you to enjoy a shaded area outdoors, HELEN with a spacious outdoor terrace or WISSOUS with large greenhouse-type windows could be a lovely choice.

View our recommended gardening lounge type she sheds for sale:

Fitness & wellness she shed

The house feels too crowded to perform your fitness practice? Can't concentrate on stillness while surrounded by unfinished work or kids running around? She sheds could serve as delightful retreats for your fitness & wellness practices. Have all the space to yourself and get inspired to achieve great results, ensuring consistency and undivided attention to your body. You might want to consider our garden gym range for your fitness room or she shed yoga studio, as they seem to be created for serving this purpose.

Having a bit more space could be beneficial if you want to perform any fitness activities of your choice - to ensure your utmost comfort, consider getting one of our larger garden room models: contemporary and full of character PREMIUM, TONIA with its asymmetrical shape, or classical style EMMY wit a stylish apex roof.

View our recommended garden gym type she sheds for sale:

Your inspiring art studio she shed

When inspiration hits, everything else seizes to exist. Have you always dreamt of a space where your creativity could thrive? She shed could provide you with a perfect base for storing all your art equipment without overwhelming your living space. What is more, having a beautiful she shed art space, you can always opt for outdoor creative expression and leave the indoors for colder months.

Artistic space requires bright & inspirational contemporary surroundings: TONIA with asymmetrical roof and enormous windows, PIA with its symmetry and compact covered terrace, or EVELIN with its quirky roof creating a functional outdoor area are some of the models we could recommend as the base for a modern art studio she shed.

View our recommended art or crafts studio-type sheds for sale:

Bespoke she sheds: create your own fairy tale

Design yourself a magical space, encouraging your imagination and transferring you to the most delightful state of being.

Create a space that makes you feel happy, allows you to re-centre and dive into the exploration of hobbies and activities that have been on your mind for far too long. Find time for all that has been on your mind lately, especially yourself. If you have a clear vision of what your she shed should look like, contact our friendly sales team, who will be more than happy to help you with choosing a perfect prefabricated building to make your dream come true.

Insulated prefab she sheds for year-round comfort


Having a cosy she shed space can be especially important during colder months, when sunny days are long gone, and you start spending more time indoors. The warmth and cosiness of the she shed during any season of the year are guaranteed due to top-notch thermal insulation. Most of our models have an insulated version that will keep you warm and cosy all year long - just pick your favourite from our range.

Little decor elements make all the difference

She shed is all about creating space enabling you to feel yourself truly. There is no need to settle for basics! Give your she shed a fresh coat of your favourite colour tint and make it the most attractive corner in your backyard. Choose your favourite elements to decorate the exterior and interior – the cosier and more inviting the place will get, the more time you will be willing to spend there, recharging yourself.

While the summer and spring are all about flowers and plants, colder seasons require a little bit more imagination. Lighting can make your she shed look exceptionally magical! Little sparkly fairy lights will make all the difference during the colder season and create an exceptional feeling of magic indoors and outdoors. 

Transforming your storage room into a small she shed

Do you currently own a wooden shed that is used mainly for storage? Get rid of the old tires and reclaim your relaxation haven! Get inspired and create your idyllic personal retreat in the corner garden shed. 

By transforming your old storage shed into a stylish she shed, you will be able to bring more nature & quality rest into your daily life without spending a fortune. Quality time spent in fresh air is always beneficial for your physical and mental health, so what's there to wait for? Take advantage of the space surrounding your she shed - hang a large hammock and watch the world go by as you are in the zone.

Got inspired to build yourself a she shed? At, we have numerous lovely garden buildings that are just perfect for creating a charming feminine retreat. Look through our favourites, and who knows - maybe you’ll find yours. 


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