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Residential Cabin Renovation: What to Check after Winter

It may be considered the “most wonderful time of the year” but winter also potentially wreaks havoc on your residential log cabin. Thus, it is essential to undertake a renovation project before and after the winter season to keep your log house in tip top condition, especially when the temperature drops. Residential cabin renovation after the snow disappears on the ground can be quite tedious and could need the help of the professionals. Refurbishing your log cabin after winter requires you to check essential parts of the log structure to evaluate its integrity and see which parts of the log house need immediate renovation.


Residential Cabin Renovation after Winter Must-Knows

There are essential things you need to know before embarking on a minor or a major facelift for your log house. A residential cabin renovation project is a financially demanding one so you need all the resources you can get and make sure your choices are cost-effective throughout the process. A log home improvement is not a DIY project, therefore you need to basically seek the help of the pros in this field. Consult with a residential cabin renovation specialist and see if the contractor is the best fit for your project needs and preferences.

So, what exactly do you need to do before checking for a post-winter renovation?

   *  Check and Determine your Budget

Your financial resources play a crucial role in your overall project. Improving your residential cabin after the winter season is over means comprehensively looking into every nook and cranny of the log structure and addressing the issues with no delays. You need to consider a minor or major renovation, keeping in mind that additional square footage is so much more expensive compared to just reconfiguring your existing space. You can always go for major reconstruction, repair, and replacement if you have a sufficient budget but limited or tight budgets could work with minor makeovers on the residential cabin.

   *  Consider and Negotiate on Materials

On top of the budget, you must also closely consider the materials you need for your post-winter log house improvement. Spring is a season for construction projects and that’s why they usually ramp up their high gear, raise the prices of the materials, and basically just take advantage of the rush. Make sure you don’t get victimized by these opportunistic companies since most prices of residential cabin windows and lumber, in general, goes up in the spring. Winter, on the other hand, is a time of closeout sales and liquidation opportunities, thus you can always arrange to buy your cabin renovation materials early before scheduling the contractor in spring.

   *  Set the Most Convenient Project Schedule

Spring and summer are the times of the year when good and popular contractors are at their busiest. Schedules are usually packed for these local renovation crews. Arrange a renovation project for your residential cabin and make sure you make inquiries with the contractor ahead of time. Your available schedule should also coincide with their availability as you need to personally oversee how the project is going. For major improvements, there are also other requirements such as city permit approval and inspections.

   *  Consult your Fellow Occupants and the Experts

A residential cabin renovation is vital but you need to consult everyone living inside the log house before initializing the project. Consider the needs and wants of your family and bear them in mind when consulting an expert or contractor. Plan the needs and wants for the residential cabin improvement based on the function and flow of the project. Consult with the experts including an interior designer if you need minor reconfigurations and modifications inside the cabin.


What to Check after Winter?

Winter is definitely a nasty and harsh season, especially for your residential cabin. Log structures are most vulnerable to the elements thus a cabin renovation project makes a lot of sense, especially after winter is over. What exactly are the parts of the log house you need to check for immediate refurbishment and renovation?


One of the most susceptible areas of the residential cabin is the roof. After winter, your roof has been subjected to the harsh effects of the elements from snow, rain, and wind to heavy debris. Renovating your roof may also mean repairing or replacing this essential part of the log house. Roofers employ comprehensive renovation techniques to immediately and effectively address your roof problems in order to protect the shingles from cracks and damages.



Hire a professional contractor that specializes in window repair and renovation especially in installing new and better energy-efficient windows throughout the residential cabin. Windows are components of the log home that provide better insulation, keeping the indoor temperature well-regulated regardless of the weather or temperature outside.

Spruce up the Cabin Walls

There are major overhauls and there are minor makeovers such as sprucing up your residential cabin walls. You can have your space reconfigured and modified to say goodbye to winter and say hello to spring. There are numerous ways for a minor renovation project such as painting bright colours to open up the room and give it a more airy and vibrant ambiance.

Replace Lighting Fixtures

One of the most important systems in your log cabin that should be given attention at all times is the lighting fixture. Check out your light covers, light switches, and other related lighting systems and see if any of them have been damaged during winter. Have them fixed right away for functional and safety purposes.


Shelves and Cabinets

You can have a major overhaul of your cabin or just a small makeover. Renovating these essential parts of the house can mean adding something new like cabinet handles or installing entirely new units. It all depends on your preferences, needs, and available budget.

The best residential cabin renovation after winter is a lucrative home improvement project that boosts the quality and value of your log house. Hire a trusted and expert log cabin contractor and enjoy your investment today.

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