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Raul’s second home full of life in Valencia, Spain

Raul says he knew working from home is here to stay, so he decided to create a place where he could both work and enjoy life together with his wife Elena and two daughters – Lucia and Ana. Truthfully, even though the idea lingered in the owner’s mind for years, the hobby spaces were set up later, as the building seemed fit for the whole family. So, let’s take a look at what now lies in the province of Valencia, baptized as “El Cobertizo”.

The long search

Since Raul knew he had to lay a base, that was the first course of action. When the concrete was in place, he recalls he spent months looking for the right model online. The vision encompassed lots of light, a feeling of openness, good thickness and high-quality wood. Also on the list – the ability to feel the forest’s presence as much as possible. When our garden log cabin model MIA was discovered, Raul felt satisfied with the readily available information online and the chats he had on the phone.

“The website, the detailed photos, how clear everything was; the sales people who attended me were so kind, clear and reliable.” - Raul

Raul didn’t modify the model at all, but now he says that he could’ve added a couple of small windows for ventilation – while the cabin has 2 tall double doors, it doesn’t have any other ways to be aired out at this point in time.

The team effort on the assembly day

Once MIA was delivered, the assembly team of 4 took over. Raul hired our recommended professionals, and they didn’t let him down – the whole structure was installed in a day and a half! What is more, it was also treated against woodworms, fungus, and so on, plus Raul put linseed oil all over the building as well.

As the owner recalls, the team was very professional, had good woodworking tools and sprayed “El Cobertizo” onto the inner wall, as per his request.

… and life hasn’t been the same ever since

Raul was looking for a great place to spend a lot of time in, and by letting his imagination and wishes guide the decoration process, the environment that uplifts him every day was created:

“It was a dream come true, working from home where I am working, watching my daughters play darts, pool, draawing on their chalkboard, having parties with friends, with my cousins, a gym… Every time I look at it I get a smile on my face from satisfaction, and I think what a good idea it was and how beautiful it has been! I’d never have imagined that 30 m² could provide so many different great moments!” - Raul

Some last thoughts about deciding to skip insulation

While he enjoys all that the “El Cobertizo” has to offer, Raul admits that he expected more protection against hot and cold temperatures, even knowing he chose the basic walls without any insulation. The model has a lot of glass as well!

To help with the situation, the owner planted 3 mulberry trees around the building – now the shade helps shield the walls from direct sunlight. Furthermore, adding 2 small windows is also in Raul’s plans for the near future.

If you feel inspired by this beautiful structure and Raul’s family’s ideas for the decor and leisure areas, have a look at the assortment on – you’ll find all kinds of different sizes, customisation options and insulation versions to choose from! Don’t forget that we also offer bespoke projects. To consult one of our professionals, give us a call at 02070994301 or shoot us an email at [email protected].

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