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Our location geography ranges throughout the entire world, yet there are still some places that haven’t been widely discovered by our project teams. Mongolia has been one of the more exquisite locations that we have recently added to our product delivery list. This was quite an exceptional journey to get all the materials delivered to such a distant place, definitely worth noting in the story. So, let’s not wait any further and begin.

The vastness of the green landscape surrounding the construction area could easily take one’s breath away. The real smiles and joy we witnessed in the pictures shared by the customer fill our hearts with pure gratitude – we are glad our products could touch the lives of people, despite the distance, and bring them so much joy.

Meet the resident!

Our customer Lkhama has been dreaming about the wooden residence for quite some time. After saving the required amount of money for a house purchase, the dream was finally ready to become a reality. With the help of a friend - a skilled & experienced retired engineer Josef - the wooden house project went smoothly and quickly.

The happy face reveals that Lkhama is delighted about her new residence – and the feeling is two-sided as we are more than happy to fulfil the dream projects of our customers.

Grandma Lkhama is the main resident of the house; however, her two daughters often visit her with their families. All of them, including 5 grandchildren, have space at the large dining table. The house has become the centre of the family.

The product

The main requirements for the wooden residence were the economic efficiency, maintenance of the house (especially heating costs in the winter) and its ability to withstand the extreme Mongolian climate. The project started by choosing the right model. Our two-storey residential log cabin house LIVINGTON has turned out to be the best choice. An insulated twin-skin option was the most suitable option for a harsh and extreme climate. So the model turned out to be the perfect fit!

The trip to manufacturing facility

After selecting the model, to make sure that the quality of products is of the highest standard, Josef decided to visit our office in Vilnius, Lithuania, and the manufacturing site where the product would be made. We were glad to organize the trip there and show how our wooden houses are made and the quality of raw materials used. Josef also visited a house built by in Bavaria to evaluate the quality and appearance of our finished product. The trips were successful, and the journey began!

The key requirement: reliable thermal insulation

The one requirement that was clear from the project start was to ensure that the house will be habitable even during the harshest Mongolian climate conditions, guarantee cost efficiency and heating retention properties as well as make sure that the family will be warm and cosy throughout the entire year.

„The 15 cm space between the outer wall panel and the inner one is insulated with 3 layers of Mongolian sheep wool. This type of wall construction, together with the insulated roof and floor, made the house habitable even at a maximum of -49°C at the beginning of January. We chose high-quality wooden windows with triple glazing.
In order to seal the walls against the strong cold winds, the team also decided to use glued-in sealing tapes in all joints of the inner and outer walls installed (or glued) in each case in the wooden groove.”- Josef

The "heating" of the building relies on a tiny wood-coal stove, which is normally used for heating and cooking in a yurt. A wall made of heavy bricks was built in front of the wooden wall for better heat storage and protection of the wooden wall.

Another crucial part of the building’s longevity and thermal efficiency was laying the foundation suitable for this weather and the ground that freezes 3 - 4 m deep in the winter.

“We decided to lay approx. 60 cm of rock gravel - inexpensive material - on site. Firmly compacted this substructure with a vibrating roller, immediately applied a maximum of 10 cm layer of finely broken material, compacted this again and then created an exact levelling. The concrete slab was also thermally insulated on the side.
10 cm PU foam (Finnfoam) was laid out on this substructure, and a 20 cm thick steel-reinforced concrete slab was placed on it, which was also thermally insulated on the sides with 10cm thickness.” - Josef


The assembly process

The assembly of the entire house was taken care of by the engineer Josef’s friend, carpenter Heiko from Bavaria, who carried out the woodwork, roofing and plumbing work quickly and perfectly with only two helpers from the village.

“It took 18 days, without a weekend break, to complete the construction of the residential building to the point where it could be used as a residence. The plumbing and roofing work, as well as the electrical and sanitary installation, were completed in the second construction phase of two weeks“ - Josef

It’s exceptionally nice to witness how in a relatively short time, a building becomes a house. Having a knowledgeable and enthusiastic engineer on board was very helpful in the whole construction process and allowed finishing the project in a short time.

These types of exclusive projects brighten our days and bring us joy. The ability to reach far away from our usual geography expands our horizons and allows us to touch the lives of people. Fulfilling the needs that are different from our usual projects was also an exciting venture - seeing our products serve their purpose to the fullest is an extraordinary experience, enriching us with moments of fulfilment and appreciation.

We wish our customer many beautiful memories in her precious wooden house.


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