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Dave's Wooden Garage

Even though we have recently increased our range of wooden garages by adding a couple of new designs, we are always happy to manufacture a bespoke log cabin on request.

Dave from York had some extra space in his back garden and he wanted to put a wooden garage - workshop where he could keep his car safe as well as store his gardening equipment. He already had a base ready for a bigger unit rather than our standard garages, so we asked Dave to provide us with a simple hand-drawn sketch – our architect then adjusted it, made an exact floor plan and elevations and Dave decided to go ahead with a wooden garage 4m x 9m.

couple weeks later, the garage was delivered to his premises in which we not only offered an installation service, but all of our products, even the bespoke ones, were provided with detailed instructions to DIY. It took Dave less than a week to finish it off and paint it, so please have a look!

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