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Carolyne's Wooden Garage

already finished wooden garageCarolyne from Eastleigh was looking for a garage that would be big enough to house two cars, a lawnmower and her other things. However, due to height restrictions Carolyne wanted to reduce the ridge height of the garage in order to avoid planning permission application. Because we have the option for most of our cabins and garages to reduce the ridge height to 249 centimetres, we were able to do this with Carolyne’s wooden garage as well in order to comply with all the planning regulations. wooden garage and its surroundingsWe know that the garage door has to be the strongest part of the garage, so we supplied two sets of heavy duty garage doors which ensure that all Carolyne’s belongings will remain safe. wooden garage from aboveFor the roof covering, Caroline decided to go for the green bitumen shingles, which was a great choice because it’s one of the most cost effective roofing materials on the market.

wooden garage exterior

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