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Beautiful log cabin to enjoy summer days in your garden

Elegantly designed log cabin

The design of this summer log cabin is adapted to sunny weather. It comes with large windows to allow a maximum of sunlight inside. Glazed doors are included for even more sun exposure. No matter where you are inside of your summer house, you can enjoy a great view of the surrounding area.


This makes it an ideal garden house because it lets you keep an eye on your garden from a calm resting place. The roof of the log cabin is stretched over the front patio to provide shade. You get a bright and cool place to sit outside all day. It also protects against rain.

Built for all seasons

This log cabin house is ideal for the summer but it is also built to be used all year long. Weather it is a cold winter night or a wet autumn evening or a scorching hot summer day, this log cabin provides natural insulation thanks to the wood used and it can be ordered with a double wall if required.


All this makes it the ideal garden cabin that you can use any day of the year and any time of the day. When the weather is beautiful you can safely stay outside, under the roof overhand. When the weather is less clement, you can find refuge inside and still enjoy the view through the glazed doors and windows while being protected against the elements.

Premium wood

The best material is selected to make this log cabin. The wood chosen comes from all natural and slow-growing Nordic pine and Scandinavian spruce. This premium wood material makes for a naturally insulated summer home that will remain in good condition through all seasons.

For even more warmth in the winter, you can add additional insulation to the roof and floor. This could be desirable if you want to use your summer house as a guest room. To keep the wood in top condition throughout the years, you should also consider treating it, to protect it against decay, termites and shrinkage.


Hardware kit included

You get a hardware kit along with all the parts of your summer house. A complete set of instructions is provided to guide you through the whole assembly process. The summer log cabins are built with your convenience in mind.

They are easy to assemble by anyone with the proper tools and skill set. This does not mean that you have to be a construction professional to put it all together. On the contrary, we build our products in such a way that anyone who can do handy work can assemble them properly by following our instructions.

Best warranty

This summer log cabin  is of high quality and guaranteed to last many years. With the proper annual treatment, the wood will remain in excellent shape as time passes. You can also rest assured that our business complies with all applicable.


 We believe that you will be satisfied with our product which is why we are not afraid to offer a money back guarantee for up to 7 days after you have placed an order with us. All you have to do is contact us about your desire to return the log cabin. You will need to have your acknowledgment of receipt in hand. We will process the return and inspect the items before issuing a refund.

Long warm summer days are best enjoyed from you beautiful log cabin made with premium Scandinavian spruce and Nordic pine. Placed in your garden, this summer house lets you enjoy a great view from inside through glazed doors and windows.

You can also admire your garden from outside of your cabin while remaining protected from the sun under the roof overhang. This is a long lasting and very durable log cabin Sunflower that will remain in top condition for many years, with the proper care. For more information about extra items or services, payment options and delivery, please contact us by email or by phone, we are happy to call you back.

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