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Aluminium Carport Colombe

When it comes to describing our products, wood is the material that is associated with us. It is our expertise in manufacturing wooden products that has helped us become a premium maker of wooden cabins, log homes, carports and garden cabins. Therefore, watching us selling an aluminium product could be a shocker to many.

Although we specialise in wooden products, the beauty and elegance of the Colombe Aluminium Carport were too powerful to be avoided. It has therefore encouraged us strongly to manufacture, sell and promote it as one of our most important products. The design, exquisiteness and grace of this aluminium carport is truly unmatched.

The stylish aluminium carport

The aluminium carport has an excellent design which is unique and splendid. It looks graceful and has a fantastic design that makes it stand out from the rest of the background. The design and style of this carport add to the beauty of its surroundings.

If your carport is near the garden or close to your independently constructed house, it is a perfect external décor object to tremendously enhance the beauty of your home. It will also create an ideal setting in which to park your cars or bikes. A perfect carport for homes with a modern design and styles, it offers great value for money.

A spacious carport

The carport is pretty spacious allowing you to easily park your vehicles in a perfectly covered carport. The roof of the carport is big enough to entirely cover the car parked underneath it. The dimensions of one of these carports are 270 cm or 8 feet 10 inch width and 540 cm or 17 feet 8 inch depth, providing enough space to easily park any car or even a sports utility vehicle.

The height of this aluminium carport is 270 cm or 8 feet 10 inches offering enough space to easily park an SUV. The total area needed for this aluminium carport is 14.6 square metres.

Increasing the area

Yes, increasing the area of this carport is fairly simple. You just need to join two such carports at the roof to make a single large carport in which you can park multiple cars and other vehicles. It will also make the entire carport highly spacious where you do not have to cram your cars and bikes.


As the name suggests, the carport is made primarily of aluminium. Aluminium is used as the main element in constructing the frame of the carport. The roof is made of high quality and durable clear polycarbonate. It makes the roof transparent while also making it robust and durable.

Benefits of an aluminium carport

As compared to a wooden carport, an aluminium carport has better resistance to the weather and remains protected from rot and fungus. It is also highly resistant to water. It reduces the need for maintenance and repairs and has a longer life than a wooden carport.


The standard colour for these aluminium carports is grey. However, based on the order the carport is also offered in other colours. You can define the colour you need based on the ambience where your carport will be installed. This customisation will allow you to have a carport that easily mixes with its surroundings. The colour needs to be specified while placing the order.


The carport is easy to install and an assembly instruction booklet is supplied with the carport. You can install it on a “DIY” or a “Do it Yourself” basis. However, you may request us and we will connect you to the service providers who offer a cost efficient assembly and installation services.

How to place the order

Placing the order for this carport involves a very simple single step process. Just call us and we will offer you a complete quote with all the relevant details. The price is inclusive of the carport and gutters and the delivery is free in mainland England, Wales and France.

The Colombe Aluminium Carport is a high utility, efficient and stylish carport that will suit any building that has a modern design. It is also useful in the regions where the weather can be extreme. The long life and low maintenance of this carport make it a perfect choice for parking your vehicles.

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