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Wooden Houses – 10 Times Better Energy Efficient Construction

With the fast and continuous development of life in the city, more and more people are choosing to live in the eco-friendly log house, suburbs and in the countryside. The development of society has brought tumultuous changes in the current state of the existing environment, and this goes some way to explaining the tendency of many people to live and dwell close to nature. It also encompasses the use of certain methods which are known to be energy-saving.

The construction of eco-friendly homes such as wooden houses is another modern tendency. As a matter of fact, you may be surprised to see lots of houses and buildings which are now built and constructed using wood. However, the construction of wooden-inspired buildings and houses will never be fulfilled without the strict implementation and use of energy-efficient technologies.

Generally, low-energy wooden houses should be built and constructed in such a way as to have their own independent power system. Such houses should require small or zero expenditure on their heating system. They should also be capable of maintaining a comfortable and ideal temperature especially when living in such houses is permanent. In as much as the low-energy glulam homes’ philosophy is concerned, an excellent wooden house should get its warmth from the body of people dwelling in it and from the things and materials inside that produce heat.

Basically, it is the combined engineering as well as the architectural designs that serve as the magical formula towards attaining energy efficiency in such houses. During the implementation and construction of a wooden house, low-energy engineering solutions are included into the house design, with this being especially true and important during the initial stage of the home project development. This is commonly done in such a manner because energy-saving technologies, when carried out after the house has already been built, will be difficult. Additionally, the implementation of such a plan can become very expensive and sometimes not possible to realize.


Many people from all across the globe have experience of building and constructing wooden houses, often which have been inspired by energy-efficient techniques. For instance, in Western Europe and in the United States, such kind of house building is very common. In fact, many people in such countries are very much used to such kind of practice and they cannot even build a wooden house and live without it.

This can be explained by the fact that the price of natural resources in these countries is high. For example, people in these parts of the world have to pay a lot for gas and electricity, thereby triggering them to think of ways that can help them to lower their regular home expenses; building wooden homes with energy-saving technologies can help them save a significant proportion of their hard earned money, with this in turn helping them in saving the environment.

Therefore, if you are thinking about building and constructing a wooden house, then it will be necessary to have well-considered and well-informed decisions from the outset. This is due to the fact that the implementation of low-energy solutions is known to be economically beneficial and advantageous and therefore needs to be planned carefully.


For instance, if you plan not to live in the house permanently or for a long period of time it is not a good idea to install a heat insulation system for your house flooring because you have to take into consideration the fact that heat-insulated flooring will be a much cheaper option when used in the long run. Another important thing that you should think of is the kind of approach that you need to have for these solutions. Choices should be essentially made in tandem with individual features which commonly include the place or location of the house, your wishes and preferences of architectural designs and the climate within your specified location.

Thus, it is very important to have a well-thought out plan from the very beginning before you continue with the project of building a wooden house for you and your family. One of the most important things that you need to consider first before building and constructing wooden houses is to compare the costs on energy work and the insulation of the wooden house. Once you have completed this then you should embark on a thorough consultation with an expert or an architect. These days, people who are thinking about building and constructing wooden houses are advised to contact and deal with professional builders who have experience in energy-saving technologies.


Experts have identified four components that make up energy-efficiency; saving up to seventy percent of the total energy consumed in the house. The four components for a house constructed and built with glue-laminated beams are: the house’s architectural design, heat insulation, power recuperation and ‘smart’ house. The house’s architectural design or project entails careful planning of the house itself including its internal and external appearance.

When constructing wooden houses, builders consider compactness as something that speaks about the balance between the external and internal space of the house. In most cases, heat passes through the house’s external area, which is the main reason why an energy-saving wooden house’s plan is commonly square in its form. In addition, it is also important not to see any design elements in the house’s structure that commonly extends beyond the area of the house.


The building and construction of wooden houses is not a new thing in this era. As a matter of fact, the construction of such houses commenced many, many years ago. But since we now live in the modern era, new technologies and innovations have been made and used worldwide for the purpose of building and constructing wooden homes that allow owners to save much of their house’s energy and resources.

Once your wooden house is has been well built and constructed according to energy-saving methods, you will get the chance to know and prove it to yourself that wooden houses are ten times more energy-efficient than any equivalent house on the market.

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