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Top 10 Security Tips for Wooden House

Wooden houses are your sanctuary and safe haven and when the intrusion of unwelcome guests takes place, it becomes a place of danger in an instance. Boosting your wooden house’s security should be on top of your priority list. However, having a top-quality security system need not cost you thousands; it could be a small-scale and budget-friendly project and still provide a successfully functional security system in and around your log home. All you have to do is know the right way to do it.


Top 10 Security Tips for Residential Cabins

Safety in residential cabins is the primary goal of every cabin owner. Your log house ought to be your fortress that is impenetrable and resistant to any threats to your security. It all depends on you whether your log house stays protected and secured or otherwise. There are essential things to consider in avoiding burglary and any unwanted intrusion to your safety and privacy.

Take a look at the top 10 security must-knows for residential cabins:

   1.  Proper Doors and Locks

The doors are as much as your entryway as they are the point of entry of those unwanted guests and intruders. Thus, make sure that your doors are secured and burglar-proof with the latest and most advanced lock systems available. Wooden houses usually have a wide array of doors but most wooden structures have matching wooden doors. Door locks are essential security components that could provide you with safety from intruders.

Safe and Impervious Locks

It is always safer to invest in Grade 1 or Grade 2 locks, especially on your exterior doors, as these lock types are resistant to prying, twisting, and lock-picking attempts. High-quality deadbolt locks are also your first line of defense against security threats. Use other essential door locks and security features such as heavy-duty knob-in-lock sets, solid core doors, and a wide-angle peephole.

   2.  Secure Windows

In most cases, windows are a weak point in residential cabins since they are often left unlocked. Windows are susceptible to break-ins but you can avoid making them an access point for intruders and burglars. Use window blocking devices or anti-lift devices with easy removal options to comply with building fire codes. Window security systems for log homes may also include crime prevention and alarm decals.

   3.  Lighting Inside and Out

Well-lit residential cabins are safe and secure compared to those left without any lighting inside and outside the property. Interior lighting is basically to show that someone is in the cabin especially at night. Exterior lighting is crucial for security purposes allowing owners of wooden houses to see if there are suspicious individuals and threats lurking around the property. Good lighting is absolutely a good crime deterrent and security measure. You can also opt for motion-sensor lighting for certain areas around the log house.

   4.  Proven Alarm Systems

As the name implies, alarm systems are designed to alarm or warn the owner about intruders and burglars. Most wooden houses have installed alarm systems just as conventional buildings do. Alarm systems, especially those with visible signage are effective deterrents, protecting you from threats. There are numerous alarm systems to choose from with most of these systems easily maintained, installed, and programmed.


   5.  Theft-Resistant Home Safes

Home safes are wise investments given the competitive pricing on these security components. Have one in your log home where you can stash your valuables and safeguard essential items, documents, and other important belongings. Residential cabins could benefit from home safes which have protective safe codes and easy installation features

   6.  Well-Sealed Air Conditioning Units

In most cases, burglars, thefts, and intruders look for the weakest points of entry around residential cabins. Even your air conditioning units could be an access point, particularly when they are not properly and securely sealed. Unsecured window air conditioners, for instance, offer convenient entry points for intruders, jeopardizing the security of everyone inside the log home. Secure the residential cabins through using an air conditioner bracket for a zero entry point. There are other security features for your A/C unit such as corner braces and sliding window locks.

   7.  Check Faulty Wiring

Security in wooden houses is not just about burglars and thefts. You also need to secure your log cabin against the threat of fire and related accidents. One of the best ways to ensure your log homes safety is to check for faulty wiring that is potential fire hazards. The best thing to do is to schedule an electrical inspection especially if your wiring needs assessment right away. Some residential cabins may already have faulty wirings and dangerous electronics inside the house which could easily cause a fire. Address these issues right away.


   8.  No More Hiding Spots

If you think hiding spots are cool, think again. It may have worked in the past but not anymore. Remove the spare key from under the flower pot or any familiar places that the intruders themselves would know. Instead, you can have the key wrapped in foil and bury it in a designated place that only you or your family members know about. Make sure you also get rid of the hiding spots where intruders could lurk and observe you. Tall shrubberies and bushes all have to be cleared and trimmed.

   9.  Plan Ahead (Vacation)

Plan ahead if you have scheduled a long vacation. Suspend your subscriptions so that your newspaper or magazines do not pile up on the doorsteps, signalling to others that no one is in the house.


   10.  Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

The safest wooden houses are those with good neighbours that are ready to look after your house especially if you’re not around. Make an effort to build rapport with your neighbour and ask them to check on your log house every now and then.

These practical and easy to follow security tips for residential cabins are the first line of defence against threats and intruders. Invest in your security system whether it’s against natural calamities or criminals and you’ll be able to enjoy your log home in peace.

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