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Wooden house treatment and painting

Proper wooden house treatment plays a key role in its longevity. By choosing the right treatment materials and paint for your newly built structure and performing regular maintenance of the building, you will retain a pleasant aesthetic appearance and enhanced functional properties for much longer.

In this article, our specialists share the most important practical tips for wooden house treatment and painting, ensuring that your residency, vacation house or garden building will last!

The dos and don’ts of wooden building treatment

• Apply a generous amount of treatment material (following the material manufacturer’s instructions) as soon as the wooden building is installed and regularly afterwards (at least once a year, depending on the coating quality).

• Make sure to give extra treatment layer to the places where moisture accumulates the most – on the interlocking areas of the walls, support trims for the windows and doors, and wind boards.

• Do not apply the treatment material on wet wood – if the structure got wet due to rain during the installation process, wait until it’s completely dried out. Otherwise, the risk of mould arises.

• Do not compromise on the treatment material quality and preferably use oil-based treatment for better results.

• Follow our recommendations for treatment products, protecting the wooden construction from mould.

• To ensure protection from external factors, consider painting your house with high-quality water-resistant paint.

When to use the treatment?

Treatment could be used before or after assembling the wooden building. In the first case, you can cover each separate part with the utmost precision, ensuring that all sides are evenly impregnated. This method takes longer than applying the treatment after installing the building; however, it can be much more effective.

In most cases, the treatment is applied after assembling the building. It's important to be meticulous in this process as the quality of the finished product highly depends on the precision of the performed treatment.

How to use the treatment?

1st step: Clean the surface
Make sure the wooden surface is completely clean and dry – wipe out all the dust & dirt to prepare the façade for priming.

2nd step: Cover with a primer
Cover the clean, polished, and dry surface with one layer of primer. Wait 24 hours before using a wood stain.

3rd step: Cover the wood with a stain
Mix the stain well & repeat it numerous times when covering the façade. Add one layer of the wood stain with a brush or sponge. Apply the second layer after two hours (at 23 °C temperature and 50% air moisture level - if the temperature is lower or the moisture level is higher, it could take longer to dry).

To ensure the excellence of the finished result, make sure to always use quality tools. Impregnating the wooden building with a high-quality treatment is highly recommended before covering it with paint for better longevity.

Quality requirements for paint

Paint is another essential component of making your wooden building look more aesthetically pleasing and preserving the exterior from harsh weather conditions.

To prevent discolouration of the façade and protect the structure from changing weather, we recommend choosing moisture-regulating paint that provides durability and elasticity and allows the wood to breathe.

Please note that the wood finish must apply a covering coating. The thickness of the covering layer should be at least 170-180 µm.

Our choice - Tikkurila Ultra Classic paint

Following almost a decade in the prefabricated wooden building business, after careful and in-depth search and evaluation, we have selected products that we can trust and recommend to our customers due to their outstanding quality and functional properties.

We suggest using advanced, semi-matt, polyacrylate opaque wood paint Tikkurila Classic for your building, providing high durability and protection for wooden surfaces. This cracking, chipping, and mould-resistant tint is available in three colours: brown, yellow, and white, or you could choose a clear-colour option to maintain the natural wooden aesthetics. Special technology ensures the paint remains intact regardless of weather conditions, without chipping or cracking over time and allows the wood to resist any water or atmospheric stress, especially heavy rain and UV rays, ensuring the longevity of our wooden buildings.

Wooden structures must be properly treated and regularly maintained to retain their functionality and aesthetical appearance. There are quite a few tips to make the process of wooden building treatment more practical and efficient. If you need additional support and guidance through this process, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team for a consultation - we are always happy to help! Contact us at 02070994301

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