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More Space to Your Home - Wooden Garages

Your home is your castle as they say. It is the place where you eat, get your much needed rest, entertain guests and hang out in your non-working hours. To say it is the center of your life would be a huge understatement.

Most people make their homes livable but there is one thing that they often lack; that is a large amount of storage space for your things that tend to accumulate over time.

Redesigning your home to add storage space is an expensive option that can often not even be done due to structure and yard limitations.

A good way to get that extra space you need in your home is to build a new wooden garage.

Here are some advantages that building a wooden garage gives you besides just providing added storage.

   1  They Are Economical

They are a type of building that is both economical to build and maintain. Wooden garages also have natural energy saving properties; the wood because of its texture and size has what is known as thermal mass.

This makes the wood logs the garage is built with a natural insulator that helps keep the building cooler in the summer and also helps hold more heat in the structure in the colder months too.

   2  A Wooden Garage Has Other Uses

Of course you originally undertook the project of building a wooden garage on to increase the amount of storage space you have access to but that new garage will have a lot of other uses too.

Here are a few of the additional uses for any wooden garage you will add to your home:

   *  Vehicle Protection

You don’t want that new or classic vehicle you own left out and exposed to the elements; this will accelerate things such as rust and other forms of corrosion. By building a bay in the wooden garage that can house one or more vehicles, you will eliminate this worry almost completely.

You will not only protect your vehicles looks but you will also potentially save money on any body repairs that need to be done and keep the resale value for the vehicles you store in the garage as high as possible.

  *  Store Yard Equipment

Most people don’t want to store yard maintenance equipment in their house; this type of equipment tends to be nasty and dirty from the types of uses you do with them. You also don’t want to store them outside because this takes away their useful life and you will have to spend money replacing them.

So what is the answer? That is simple; when you build your new wooden garage design a place in it to keep your lawn and garden tools. You can build an area that conveniently houses riding lawn mowers, garden tillers, rakes, shovels, picks and other lawn and garden equipment to keep the clutter in your yard down and protect these items from exposure to the elements.

  *  Add a Rental Apartment

Consider making part of the new wooden garage a studio apartment that will add to the income you make each month and also offset the cost of building your new wooden garage.

This can easily be done by doing such things as building a wooden loft above the garage or expanding the design to make the building wider. You will need to add plumbing to make this work also, so at the same time you can make things more convenient for you too by adding a toilet, sink or faucets to your garage.

  *  Create an Extra Bedroom or Rec Room

Maybe your children are getting older and they need more space. You can also consider adding an extra bedroom or rec room to your new wooden garage too.

This can be a great way to acclimate an older child to being more independent and also give your older children a place to watch TV or play video games. It can be a great place for them to entertain their friends and keep the noise away from the main part of your house too.

  *  Build a new Office for Peace and Quiet Away from the House

Are you having trouble concentrating on your work at your home office or trying to concentrate paying bills or writing at your desk? A new office in your wooden garage could really do a lot more than just solve your storage crisis; it can also be a great place to setup an office or other quiet work space too.

So when you go to add that wooden garage to increase the amount of storage space you have, consider also these other types of additions so that you can get even more benefit from your new wooden garage.

   3  They Are Extremely Sturdy and Require Little Care

There are few types of construction that are as solidly built as wood log buildings. They tend to hold up very well against the elements and require little more yearly maintenance than an occasional pressure washing.

If they are stained and treated once every 4 – 5 years, they will last you a very long time before needing costly repairs.

   4  Wooden Garages Look Great and Add Value to Your Home

One of the nicest features of a wooden garage is that they look great and can be made to compliment any type of main house construction. They can be stained any color you like to blend into the already established setting and landscape, and they can also be made with similar design features as the main house too.

There is virtually a limitless amount of ways for wooden log garages to be made to complement their surroundings. Wooden garages also will add a significant amount of value to your property and make the property more attractive for resale.

Whether you decide to just add a simple garage storage area or make it into something more elaborate, it is a great idea that will make your life more comfortable and also cut down on the clutter inside your home.

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