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The wooden garage you need to keep your car in top condition

Maximum protection for your car

Placed inside the wood garage, your car is fully protected against accidental damage to its exterior. It is also kept concealed and no longer an easy target for car thieves. This additional protection will help you get the cost of your insurance down and save you a lot of money.


If it rains you do not need to worry about the water damage. Likewise, if it snows or if there is a storm, the garage serves as a shield for your car. If you are home during the day, you also benefit from sun protection. The sun is one of the leading causes of car body damage.


If you are travelling or not using your car for a period of time, having it inside a garage will help keep the paint job intact. The wooden garage is a car owner's best friend and the secret to keeping your car looking brand new even after several years.

The wooden garage features a rear door which lets you enter and exit the garage very quickly, without having to go through the larger front doors. The back door is especially useful when you do not need to move your car, but simply want to take something in or out of your garage.


A wooden garage with many uses

Keeping your car safe is only one of the uses for the wooden garage. It is large enough to be used as a workshop space. All your equipment and tools will fit in nicely and you will still have space to work without the feeling of being in a crowded room. Even if you have your car parked inside, you will still have additional space left for parking bicycles or storing gardening tools and other supplies.

Make the best of your wooden garage

Your wooden garage will be best enjoyed if you make a few accommodations. Front lights, including one right on top of the doors, will help keep your garage light at night and make it easier and safer to drive in and out.

Of course, just as important are internal lights. It is best to build an alley between your house and the garage for easy access. You want to have a clear and comfortable path leading to your garage. Even better, keep the wooden garage as close as possible to the house in case of rain so you do not get soaking wet before you reach your car.


Take good care of your garage

In order for your wooden garage to remain in very good condition, you must take good care of it. You need to start by using a concrete base to isolate your garage from the ground. You also have to use the proper wood treatments to prevent moulding and rotting.

Keeping your wooden garage dry is one of the key elements in keeping it in good condition and preventing decay over time. Anything you can do to prevent moisture will benefit your log cabin. If your garage is well maintained, the wood will remain strong and look great even after many years.

A wooden garage is the perfect way to keep your car safe and in good condition. It provides protection against rain, snow, wind and other weather condition. It also keeps your car from being easily stolen by hiding it from thieves.

Your wooden garage  is large enough to fit tools, bicycles and other supplies alongside your vehicle, with free space to spare. If for some reason you are not using such wooden garden building as a garage, you can convert it into a workshop or a home office.


It is large enough to fit your equipment and tools while still providing you with a comfortable working space. As a home office it is spacious and bright with easy access.  Finally you might want to get insurance for your wooden garage to protect your investment. If you are in the UK, you can look up a list of authorised insurers and choose one of them.

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