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Matthew's Bike Showroom

Our dear customer, Matthew, has been a big fan of motorcycles since his early childhood, so he wasn’t able to resist his passion when it came time to making a decision about choosing a job. As a result, he established his bike selling business called Mid Essex Motorcycles. Matthew is always happy to consult or advise his customers on bikes and accessories, so it’s not a surprise that the new bikes that he buys don’t stay in his showroom for long.

As growing demand forced Matthew to expand his supply, he contacted us in regards to a bigger wooden garage  that would be spacious enough to be both a showroom and a place to store all his bikes, as well as being a convenient office.

We were not able to offer Matthew anything suitable from our standard wooden garage range, however our architects helped him with a bespoke design, which offered plenty of windows and glazed doors to allow extra daylight in.

It took just a couple of months to complete the project in our factory, to deliver and install it and now Matthew is ready offer even more bikes at his new bike showroom. So if you need a good quality bike or professional piece of advice about bikes, visit or contact Matthew (see contacts below) – he will be happy to help you.

Mid Essex Motorcycles Grange Road, Tiptree, Essex, CO5 0UH Tel. 01621 815630

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