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Increase the Lifespan of Your Wooden Garage with These Maintenance Tips

Wooden garages are increasingly becoming more popular due to their sturdiness and natural beauty. Logs are a heavy duty material that is perfect for constructing such structures. A garage made from wood will certainly last for a long time. Moreover, they increase the value of your house and make it more beautiful. Concrete and metal garages are also popular but they don’t usually make your outdoors beautiful.

As wooden garages add more value to your home and property, if you decide to sell your house, you will be able to get a better price if you have a wooden garage. So, they are also great investments. But it is important to understand that your job as a homeowner is not limited to just buying a wooden garage, you also have to maintain it and offer it proper care, in order to maintain its beauty and durability. Thus, it is important to know how to take proper care of your wooden garage. By knowing this you will also be able to take care of the things kept inside the garage like your vehicles, gardening equipment and other stuff.

Here are Some Simple Tips on How to Maintain Wooden Garages

   *  Whether you are using your garage just to keep your vehicle in or for many other purposes, you might want to consider the safety of your belongings. Thus, checking the locks and complete security of the garage is important. Check if the laths are still durable and strong. Are the locks working properly? Are the windows and doors properly installed and hinged or are there lose screws? By checking these things properly, you ensure the safety of your car and other belongings. However, you don’t necessarily need to go that extra mile to ensure the safety of your luxurious and expensive car. People sometimes install bars on the doors and windows, but such things just make it obvious that you are trying really hard to protect something expensive inside your garage. Also, these things can affect the beauty and overall look of the garage.

   *  Checking the overall condition of the wooden garage is also important. It becomes even more important if your garage is constructed from a prefab kit. Sometimes prefab kits are not as durable as materials that you select yourself. The chances of poor quality increases when you purchase a prefab kit from a retailer. Retailers don’t guarantee their products but manufacturers do. So, always try to purchase wooden garages from a manufacturer.

   *  Check leaks, especially on the ceiling or roof. Leaks are not good, neither in wooden structures nor in structures made of any other material like concrete or metal. In the case of metal it can cause rust and in the case of wooden garages it can be the main cause for mould growth. Also leaks are not good for the overall stability of wooden garages. Checking for leaks is important if you are using your garage as a storage structure. If you are using your wooden garage to store objects like camping equipment, bedding, curtains etc. then leaks will keep them moist, affecting their aesthetics as well as their lifespan. Also, as mentioned earlier moisture is a perfect home for mould to develop and grow. In addition, this bad condition of a garage is perfect for rodents and other unwanted pests and insects.

   *  Cleaning and lubricating the hardware of wooden garage is also important. Noisy garage doors and windows can be really horrifying and troublesome at times. The best way to prevent this is by keeping them clean and lubricated. This will ensure that your garage windows and doors operate quietly and smoothly. You can use a clean rag to clean any grease, debris or dirt. Use a 3-in-one oil to lubricate moving parts like metal rollers, hinges and tracks. Never use grease or heavy oil as it can affect the beauty and durability of the logs. Do not lubricate nylon rollers, locks or a plastic idler.

   *  Make sure that nothing is in contact with your wooden garage. Any hedge growth or overhanging trees pose a threat to your wooden garage and should be trimmed at regular intervals. If a tree branch is in contact with your garage it may get in the roofing and increase water access.  If you live in an area of high winds, you should avoid erecting your garage near any trees. Make sure there are no trees in close proximity as it may be harmful to the overall structure as well as your car.

   *  Clean seasonal grime on windows and doors to prevent rust. If there are aluminium and steel doors and windows in your wooden garage, it is important that you wash them with a mild detergent and clean with water. If you live in coastal or harsh environments, apply a quality car wax on the front side of a steel door surface every six months, right after cleaning to preserve the finish. Also, clean the windows with a mild soap and sponge. Avoid using solvent-based and abrasive cleaners of any type.

   *  If you live in a high wind area or coastal region, then you may need a reinforced garage door. Garage doors are more vulnerable to wind damage, so, make sure you have a reinforced garage door installed, as it is the best way to keep your home safe.

   *  Usually, wooden garage owners think that insulation is only for the cold winter months. But you should also take measures to keep the heat out. Today’s wooden garages assist in keeping your garage comfortable on a scorching summer’s day as well as assist in managing temperatures. So, it is important that you check the insulation regularly no matter what the season is.

By using these simple and quick wooden garage maintenance tips you can easily preserve the beauty, longevity, and durability of your garage and keep your vehicles and other belongings safe and secure.

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