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An Alternative Extra Room - Wooden Garage

Not everyone considers a garage an important and essential addition to a house, especially if a vehicle is used extensively and almost all day the space allotted for parking the vehicle lies empty. But, one can’t deny the fact that proper parking space is essential. A nice covered parking area doesn’t only protect your vehicle from dust, dirt and burglars, it also give your house a very proper and systematic look. In addition, a proper parking space is important if you have kids in your house and the available free space that is supposed to be their play space is being used by you to park your car. And also when gorgeous looking, spacious, sturdy wooden garages are easily available at pocket friendly rates then getting an ideal parking space for your car is also very easy.

Now, we are sure that you must be thinking why you should invest in a wooden garage and not in a structure made of any other material like concrete or steel. Your confusion is valid, and fortunately we can provide all the reasons that justify our recommendation and support the purchase of a wooden garage. Firstly, they are as durable and attractive as structures made of any other material. Moreover, they can be installed easily and quickly and are available at extremely pocket friendly rates. You will also be pleased to know that wooden garages can serve a multitude of purposes. They are designed very smartly, and as result, you can easily add extra buildings and space to your property. Also, when erecting a block or brick garage, you will need to obtain planning permission or get involved with building regulations. This process can take months, or maybe years. While, wooden garages on the other hand, are categorized as ‘outbuildings’ which are ‘permitted developments’. They are not classed as permanent structures so they are not subject to such restrictions.

With a huge variety of sizes and styles of wooden garages readily available, you can easily choose one that could serve a variety of purposes. Obviously, its basic use is for sheltering the car. A log cabin fits much the same requirements as a typical garage, offering security for your car and protection from the weather. Furthermore, it also has one really important advantage; wood has microscopic hollow cells that work as a natural insulator. The result is a warmer cabin in the winter and a cooler one in the summer. This is especially advantageous and allows you to use the garage for a number of purposes. You can easily use your wooden garage as a work space. The log cabins available today are not just boxes made of logs, they are artistically designed and have the great look and feel of wooden cottages. So, if you have always wanted a private, cosy, peaceful work space, then you can establish one in your log cabin by accommodating a table, chair and an effective light system.

If your business is based at home, and clients often visit you, then you can make use of partition screens to separate your office from your garage. An assortment of wooden partition screens is available to help you with this. You can also use a log cabin for a wooden workshop. Wood serves as natural sound barrier, so no matter what noisy activity you decide to do in your wooden garage (more about such wooden structures) , you will have peace of mind that neither your family members, nor your neighbours are being disturbed by your activity. You can also use your garage as additional storage space. You can accommodate all unused or the so-called junk of your house in the cabin, in order to make some more space in your house. Or you can use it to store lawn mowers, garden furniture, bicycles, tools and everything else, that you need to put in a shed. Without a doubt log cabins are versatile.

A wooden garage can also be used as a children’s play cabin, garden cabin, pool house, a garden music room, and etc. Customizing or decorating log cabins is also very easy, so you can easily put up shelves inside the cabin to accommodate things systematically and keep tools or pesticides or other such harmful chemicals out of the reach of children. Also you can get any other additional accessories required to give the garage a look of an office or a kid’s play area or garden music room and have it installed with the help of a professional. If you are thinking about how the garage  will cope with issues such as security or durability and longevity, then you don’t have to worry about anything at all, as the log garages available on the market are premium quality products. Heavy duty wooden garage doors, double-glazed windows are included and the structures are fully insulated to provide a cosy and warm atmosphere all day long.

You could also use a wooden garage as a dog house. Being fully thermally insulated you don’t have to worry about your dear pet feeling too hot or too cold. Also the included doors and windows provide proper ventilation, as well as providing safety. When using a log cabin for a multitude of purposes you should also ensure its cleanliness and maintenance or eventually they become smelly, oily and dirty, though, log cabins don’t require much maintenance or repair. With proper staining and choosing the right and most versatile stain you can prevent your log cabin from being affected by mould, fungi, insects, moisture, rain etc. and when buying a fully insulated log cabin, the maintenance becomes even easier.

So, don’t park your car in a driveway or on the street, get a sturdy, spacious, fine looking and long-lasting wooden garage now and ensure your vehicle’s safety as well as adding additional space to your house. And the best part is that log cabins are very reasonably priced and by placing your order now, you can also receive a festive discount as Christmas and New Year are just around the corner.

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