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Wooden Garage 6m X 6m

When it comes to building a cost and space efficient garage, a wooden garage is an ideal choice. The properties of wood give the garage a long life and also protects the vehicles parked in it from harsh weather.


Wooden Garage 6m X 6m is a high-quality garage with exquisite looks. It has sufficient space for parking your car, motorbikes, kids’ bicycles and additional area to store your tools. If you install this garage in your garden, you can also safely keep your garden equipment and easily access them. The garage also features a small door towards the side from where you can pick and store the tools without having to open the front door.

The garage is quite spacious, and you can also have a small storeroom in one of the corners. It will let you keep things for which there is insufficient space in your home. The garage is made of Natural Certified Nordic pine or Scandinavian spruce. The quality of the wood ensures that the garage remains well-insulated round the year. The 44mm thickness of the walls gives the required strength to it. The triple roof construction with 66mm thickness purlins ensures durability and gives it strength to withstand harsh weather.



Roof and Floor

The roof of this wooden garage consists 20mm thickness tongue and groove boards. The floor is not included with the standard product, but the customers can buy it at an additional price. The design of the roof gives it structural integrity and prevents sagging. It includes a triple roof construction, of which the third is a roof frame triangle and 66 mm thick purlins. These elements and the design give the roof a very long life. It also ensures that there is no water leakage or moisture entering the garage through the roof.



The total area needed for constructing this garage is 36 square metres. The roof area is 45 square metres. The minimum requirement for installing the base is 6m X 6m. The external dimensions are 600cm (width) X 600cm (height). The internal dimensions are 571cm (width) X 571cm (height). The walls have a thickness of 44mm. The height of the eaves is 209cm, and that of the ridge is 270cm. The roof overhang area is 30cm.

Doors and Windows

The garage door has a height of 200cm and width of 230cm. The side door measures 192cm height and 85cm width. There are two windows each measuring 138cm (width) X 101cm (height). The side door and the two windows have double glazing, which increases the insulation of the garage.


Wood Quality

The garage is made of Natural certified Nordic pine or Scandinavian spruce. The high quality of the wood gives the garage necessary strength, insulation and prevents rotting or other damage. It considerably increases the life of the wooden garage which means you get a much higher value for your money as compared to any regular garage. The quality of the wood also helps maintain the walls in good condition with minimal damage to the exteriors from harsh weather.

Other Specifications

The garage consists of one room which offers decent space to park a car and a couple of bikes. It also has space for storing your tools or garden equipment. If you don’t have any bikes to park, you can use the additional space to build a workshop where you can work comfortably without causing any disturbance or noise in your home.



The garage comes with a 10-year anti-rot warranty.

Wooden Garage 6m X 6m is the perfect example of how quality, utility, and beauty can be combined into a simple and yet efficient wooden structure. The garage is highly useful for not just parking your car but for several other purposes. Its components can be easily carried to the place where it is to be installed and can be assembled on a DIY (do it yourself) basis, or you can ask the supplier to assist you with the installation. A team of workers will come and install the garage for you. The quality of the wood and the design of the garage also means that its commercial value would appreciate significantly in a short time.

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