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A Shelter from the Rain and Snow - Wooden Carport

A wooden carport is one of the features of your property that has both functional and aesthetic value, particularly in sheltering your vehicle or stored equipment from rain and snow. There are different types of timber carports that are available today, all with their own designs and looks. Carports made from wood or timber materials also have their function and benefits to offer, depending on your needs and preferences. If you’re planning to have a wooden carport as part of your home or property, make sure you know the essentials of this structure in order to maximize its full potential.


Different Types of Wooden Carport

Popular designs for wooden or timber carports have their distinct features that meet different shelter requirements. Here are some of the options available to you:

Standalone Carports

The freestanding wooden carport is one of the most common and popular choices among homeowners. As the name implies, the carport is not attached to any existing structure where the usual support systems are the canopies of its own posts. A standalone type is a good option if the integrity of the adjoining structure is not that strong or reliable. Most property owners prefer a freestanding carport installed in their garden or backyard as a separate component that could boost the landscape or overall view of their property exterior. A standalone wooden carport is ideal if you have enough space to allocate for the structure.

Attached Carports

The complete opposite of the standalone carport is the attached type which forms an integral part of the adjoining structure. This wooden carport type should have a sturdy, dependable, and stable structure to attach to, such as a strong sidewall of the house. An attached carport is ideal to maximize outdoor spaces and it could also provide secure, easy, and flexible access.


On top of the construction type, a wooden carport may also differ according to the roof lines:

Vertical Roof

Timber carports with vertical roof panels typically have an A-frame truss. This type of design is ideal in preventing weathering elements, especially snow and rain, from resting on the surface of the structure.

Flat Roof

This type of wooden carport is not advisable if your location is prone to rain or snow as the roof type tends to accumulate the elements on the top. Debris and elements that build up on the roof produce hazards and generally damage the roof of the carport. It is, however, a good choice if you are in areas with warm climates a flat roof design is low in maintenance, more affordable, and easier to install, compared to its vertical counterpart.

Carports may also vary based on their sizes and are classified into two areas:

Single Carports

This is a smaller wooden carport that is ideal for those with only one car or those that need a storage area for smaller and lesser items.


Double Carports

With a more spacious room, double wooden carport carports are suitable for two cars or storage that requires more floor space for bulkier or multiple items.

Take a look at these carports with varied designs:

Boxed Carports

Boxed wooden structures have horizontal roof panels with an A-frame truss and it is quite popular because of its more affordable and stylish features. This wooden carport offers shelter to your vehicle from the snow and rain while adding elegance and style to the property, boosting its curb appeal.

Regular Style Carports

The regular carport design is much simpler with basic components. This wooden carport has several beams and a roof, serving as a basic shelter for the vehicle from bird droppings, snow, and rain. This affordable structure is the original design that other carport features are based on.

Functions and Benefits of a Wooden Carport

On top of its original purpose, wooden or timber carports have several other functions that maximize the benefits you can get when investing in this type of structure. Contemporary carports are integrated with numerous features in order to boost their functionality to serve multiple purposes, including the following:

Car Parking and Storage

The main and basic functions of a wooden carport are for storage and parking space of your vehicle. Carports protect the vehicle from the elements, especially snow and rain. More complex and high-quality designs are specifically for expensive luxury cars, boats, trucks, and recreational vehicles and these structures have complete security features.

Liveable Multi-Purpose Space

Convert the wooden carport into a more liveable space such as a media or games room. This purpose works well with standalone or freestanding carports as they have flexibility and accessibility, not to mention the privacy you need for a separate room. Carports may also serve as your home office, a man cave, or a playroom for your kids. You can renovate or remake the wooden carport to suit the vision you have in mind. To ensure optimal comfort and convenience, you can have the carport treated for insulation or make it soundproof.


Storage for Equipment and Excess Stuff

You can use the wooden carport to serve another storage purpose, this time for your other equipment that requires a good and safe venue. Carports can be designed to have wall shelves and similar features that could store your equipment such as your garden tools and paraphernalia. A customized and multi-purpose carport can also be the ideal space where you can stash away your sports equipment, excess stuff, and bulky extra furniture that you no longer need inside the house. It serves as temporary equipment storage or you can have it fully equipped with security features so that you can store your valuables and important documents inside on a long-term basis.

A wooden carport is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative and practical projects you can invest in. A wide range of carport designs and layouts are available if you feel like working on this project on your own. However, you can also contact certified contractors that specialize in designing and building carports that serve as safe and reliable shelters for your vehicle, protecting it from rain and snow.

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