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Why You Won’t Regret Investing in a Durable Wooden Carport

Do you want an enclosed storage for your vehicle but you don’t want to invest in a garage and keeping your car parked on the street is not a good idea either? Your car can be exposed to various harmful elements when parked on the street ‒ the harmful rays of the sun can damage the finish and there are other risks involved, such as kids hitting your vehicle accidently while playing. Due to all these reasons, most homeowners who don’t own a wooden garage find a wooden carport a great option. Carports are an excellent and affordable alternative to the traditional garage.

There are two main models of wooden carports: semi-attached and standalone. As it is not an enclosed type of structure it has no need for a lock feature, thus it is easy to build and install. Also, adding a carport is an inexpensive way to add value to your property. If you want, you can build one on your own as there are a number of wooden carport plans that include simple step by step instructions on the market today. A wooden carport kit or plan is considered to be one of the easiest, cheapest and most durable to build.

The installation may be simple and straightforward, however all construction projects, including carport construction projects, need proper planning and forethought. There are several factors to consider when doing the advance planning for your wooden carport. Here we look at a few really important things that will help you plan your wooden carport efficiently.

Obtaining carport plans: There are several different ways to get reasonably priced and decent carport plans. You can purchase a pre-designed package of architectural plans over the internet or from any home improvement store. Alternatively, you could purchase a pre-fabricated wooden carport kit or you can employ the services of a local manufacturer who can design the carport for you. Whatever you do, ensure that you have a solid and practical plan before starting construction.

The purpose of the carport: Knowing the purpose of the wooden carport is important. Find out what needs will be served by the carport. Usually they provide shelter for a car. However, some people use carports as a shaded playing area for their children or as a porch cover. Is the carport expected to protect the car from sun rays or is to protect from the snow. Are walls important to achieve your expected purpose i.e. prevent snow drifts or wind? Do you intend to store things in the wooden carport? Will you need extra space for cupboards? Prepare a list of the goals you want to achieve with your wooden carport.

Building restrictions: Finding out about building permit requirements and possible building restrictions present in your area is important. Do you have a copy of the local building regulations? Do you even have the permission to build a carport on your property? For preservation and aesthetics purposes several heritage communities strictly restrict additions to existing structures. There are waiting periods and costs associated with getting building permits, so ensure you know what is required before you start building your wooden carport.

The positioning of your carport: Find out exactly where you will be situating the carport on your property. Take the pros and cons of different potential locations into consideration before making a final decision on the location. If the carport is behind or beside your home they can share the same wall and thus save some money. Will the carport add to the appeal of the home or look awkward from an aesthetics point of view? Maybe it would be good for your wooden carport to be a standalone structure behind the house or near your house.

Type of roof: Deciding on the type of roof for your wooden carport is crucial. For example, if you live in an area that experiences frequent snowfall and rain, you should opt for a carport that has a slanted roof so that the water drains easily. Gable roofs are also very popular as they give a very appealing look, but single slope carport roofs are thought to be the best. A single slope carport roof can also be a nice choice. Whatever roof type you choose, it is important that it is strong, durable and sturdy.

The size of the wooden carport: Usually the size of the carport is about 12 feet wide, 5 feet high and 20 feet long. However, if you are considering a carport for sheltering two cars, a width of 18 feet is the ideal choice. Choosing the size that best meets your requirements, the space available and your budget is essential.

Pricing: Knowing and setting your budget beforehand is always recommended. Manufacturers stock a huge variety of wooden carports, ranging from the moderately priced to the highly priced, thus knowing your budget in advance will help direct your search in the right direction and choose from the options that you know and suit your budgetary levels.

In short, you can get your wooden carport to look any way you want, this can range from a simple selection of design and colours to carports of different dimensions and styles. You can get access to a nice variety of wooden carports by getting in contact with a wooden carport manufacturer. They provide lots of different choices in terms of style, design, and price. Not only that, you can easily customise them according to your needs and use them for other purposes as well. A wooden carport can definitely help you protect your car from the harmful effects of the sun and other damaging elements without breaking your bank.

So, don’t just stick to the traditional protection approach for your car that is a boring garage, be creative and try something different and make your neighbourhood envy you.

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