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William's Wooden Garage (Essex)

w.richesWilliam from Essex is a passionate classic car enthusiast. He has a fantastic 1967 Chevrolet Corvette C2 (possibly the last one officially sold in the UK) and a wonderful classic Jaguar. So William needed a sturdy and reliable garage where he could keep these two priceless beauties. A wooden garage  6m x 6m double was a very cost effective option, and moreover thanks to the timber, such a garage prevents condensation from occurring, which is very important for such classic cars. W.riches corvetteWilliam had prepared the concrete base in advance, so it just remained for our installation team to erect the garage, paint it in white and lay the bitumen roof shingles on the roof. Meanwhile, William arranged the garage for his cars. Knowing William’s passion for his classic cars, we were honoured he chose us to make and install a garage for them.

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