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Simple Ways to Decorate A Teenager’s Bedroom in Your Residential Log Cabin

Are you considering decorating one of the bedrooms of your log house  for your teenager but, you are confused and clueless about how to proceed further? Certainly, decorating a teenager’s bedroom can be daunting, and the task could be even more difficult if you want to decorate it for your little princess. You need to make sure that she feels comfortable in what is necessarily her sanctuary. A teenager’s bedroom is a very personal haven where her ambitions and dreams take shape. It is where a girl can explore her feelings, express herself and create her own style.

teenager’s bedroom

Therefore, it is necessary that you plan your teenager's bedroom very wisely. Usually, when it comes to decorating a residential log cabin to create the perfect bedroom for a teenager, people feel they have to limit their creativity or have to be very cautious when choosing the colours for the walls and curtains. But that is a myth; you can play with colours and be as creative as you want to be, as you would be while decorating the bedroom of a traditional brick and block house.  However, remember decorating a little girl’s bedroom and decorating a young lady’s bedroom are two different things. So, make sure you make your choices wisely and be very careful in choosing the theme, accents and accessories.

First you should sit down with her and find out how she wants her bedroom to look, what her favourite colours are and what type of furniture she likes the most. Once you get an idea from her, always keep that in mind when choosing the colours of the walls, curtains, furniture, wallpapers and accents, to ensure that her bedroom looks just the way she wanted. Here we provide a few really simple and effective tips to decorate your residential log cabin in order to give your teenager her personal and longed for bedroom.

Choose a theme: With the correct design a girl’s bedroom will reflect her personality. It should motivate her and inspire her, so when choosing a theme for her bedroom in your residential log cabin, keep her interests in mind and work accordingly. For example, if your sweetheart loves dancing, the room can be designed to reflect this. You can decorate the bedroom like a ballet studio by painting the walls pink and hanging mirrors and ballet shoes on the walls. A pink skirt bed can add more to the room’s beauty and look. You could also go for beach theme, as most young girls like to walk along and surf on beaches. Take inspiration from the beach by choosing blue and brown colours. You can easily find wallpaper and wall stickers of a beautiful beach, sunset, ocean etc., which will help you make the walls more charming. For girls who love travelling, the bedroom could be designed to reflect the same. You just have to use your imagination in order to satisfy her fantasies. You could also opt for simpler look like Victorian or retro.

Go shopping for furniture: Furniture plays a crucial role when decorating the bedroom of a teenager. There are certain things that you should keep in mind when shopping for furniture. Firstly, the furniture should be chosen according to the length, width and height of the room. Secondly, the furniture you choose should be comfortable. And finally, it should go well with the theme of the bedroom. Some of the pieces of furniture you should consider are: bed, study table, chairs, and wardrobe. If you are on a strict budget, then you can also consider repainting old pieces of furniture and stencilling them. When shopping for chairs, some bean bag chairs or a small loveseat will suffice. You can also use organizers if the space is limited. Under bed organizers, closet organizers and drawer organizers will help you keep things organized as well as save space.

Painting the walls of a residential log cabin for your teenager’s bedroom: Before you start painting the walls of your residential log cabin, make sure they are in good shape and free from any dirt, dust and mould. Thankfully, now, even for residential log cabin, a huge variety of paints are available. So, you don’t have to compromise with the colours when decorating your teenager’s bedroom. Shiny paints are perfect for your teenager’s bedroom. You can easily find hues that match the theme you have chosen. You can either paint the walls on your own or hire the services of a professional. Painting logs is easy and quick.

Accessories: Accessories are also very important when decorating the bedroom of a teenager. Accents and décor accessories, when chosen wisely, add to the complete look and décor of the room. A wall shelf can be nice addition ‒ the teenager in question can display photos of her family and friends or display the gifts she has received from her friends and family. You can also consider adding a book shelf, so that she can keep her book systematically and read them whenever she wants. Also a lamp works great ‒ a nice designer lamp on her study table will not only help her do her homework under proper lighting but also give a nice look to the bedroom. Other accessories you can include are: a large bulletin board, fresh flowers, wind chimes and a stand up mirror.

Bedding: Bedding should be durable and comfortable as she will keep jumping on her bed. For girls, themes such as fairies or flowers work great. Today, a huge range of 3D bedding is also available, so depending on the theme of the bedroom you can easily pick one up.

Get rid of any unnecessary stuff: When decorating the bedroom of a teenager in your residential log cabin, make sure that there is ample space in the wardrobe and in the bedroom and make sure there is enough space for her to dance and sing around. And she and her friends can easily play and have fun, so don’t let her little girl stuff occupy space unnecessarily or over-clutter the space with accessories and furniture.

So, go ahead and use these simple and effective tips to surprise your teenager by giving a perfect teenager bedroom in your residential log cabin.

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