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Useful and Effective Tips for Painting A Wooden Log House

Your log house can be one of the most important purchases you make in your lifetime. Thus, if you don’t want it to deteriorate over time, it is essential for homeowners to use quality wall paints, in order to maintain its quality and beauty. However, the decision to painting a wooden log house is not always easy and neither is making the choice of paints or deciding whether to do it yourself or hire the services of a professional.

Here is a list of some really important points and tips when painting a log house. By following these tips you can easily make the job of painting fun and interesting.

Which Section of the Log House Needs Colour?

For every section of the house, there is a paint that is formulated specifically for that particular surface to last in the conditions where the paint needs to be applied. For example, the bathroom and kitchen should be painted with washable and long-lasting paint. On the other hand, for the living room or bedroom, you can use a full matt colour. Also when choosing the paint for the exterior, make sure it is strong enough to withstand the outdoor conditions. By choosing the paints wisely, you will be able to guarantee that your log house looks beautiful for a long time and you do not have to apply a fresh coat every year.

Does the Surface Require Priming?

Priming the wood surfaces is really important for the proper adhesion of the paint. Priming the knots in the wooden surface helps to prevent the resin from flowing out. Priming the ceilings and walls is very important, especially if the surface is not completely puttied. Without priming, the log walls will absorb the paint unevenly, meaning the surface will be uneven and there might be shade difference. You can use premier alkyd for priming a weak stucco surface. This will provide improved coverage with the paint as well as making the surface stronger. If you are considering changing the paint, then priming will also be necessary.

Logs absorb the primer efficiently, which works for the porosity of different surfaces. This guarantees good coverage of the paint afterwards. Priming also decreases the finish paint consumption and assures enduring results.

Whether to Use Water-Based or Solvent-Based Paints?

It is definitely a lot easier to paint with a water-based paint as they have low odour, are easy to apply and dry off quickly. Moreover, cleaning the paint brushes is extremely simple. You can find water-based paints for almost all types of log home surfaces.

Nevertheless, solvent based paints have their own benefits. They are durable, washable and provide a smooth finish. Also you can prevent the spilling of paint by opting for Thixotropic alkyd paints, as they do not drip. These types of paints are extremely popular for painting wooden and metal surfaces. When repainting the log house, you should try and stick to the same type of paint, but when applying paint for the first time, you can choose what you think will be best for your log house. Take these points into consideration:

   *  The look of the surface with the particular type of paint.

   *  The glossiness you wish to achieve.

   *  The selection of hues and colours.

   *  Budgetary levels.

What Gloss Level to Choose for Your Log House?

Do you need a glossy surface or matt one? Paints usually have 6 different levels of glossiness. The level of glossiness is clearly visible on the product package:

   *  Full gloss 90-100

   *  Gloss 60-89

   *  Semi-Gloss 30 to 59

   *  Semi-Matt 11-29

   *  Matt 6-10

   *  Full matt 0-5

The glossier the paint, the stronger the coat of paint, is the general rule. Gloss paint does not get dirty more easily and they are washable and durable. However, the roughness of the surface becomes more evident with gloss.  For dry rooms full matt paints make a better choice. Also, you can find weatherproof matt exterior paints.

Usually, gloss surfaces look brighter and deeper. The porosity of the painted surface also affects the look of the colour. By comparing the same tone of colour, one being matt and the other being gloss, you will see that the gloss paint looks darker as compared to the matt one. The binder of the paint also affects the look of the colour; the colours with acrylate paint look bluer and with alkyd paint the colours look more yellow.

Helpful Suggestions for Painting a Log House

Careful planning: Evaluate how much paint will be required for painting the surfaces that need a fresh coat of paint; buy the required equipment. Prepare a plan of how to start and where to finish the task. Check the hue of the colour on a small area before painting the complete room.

Painting conditions: The temperature of the air, paint and the surface must be at least 5°C and the comparative humidity of the air should be below 80% and the surface should be dry and clean. Make sure the room is warm and dry as this will assist the paint to dry faster and ensure a smooth finish.

Ensure your safety: Use protective equipment and appropriate work clothing. Don’t forget to wear a dust mask and protective glasses when preparing the surface for painting.

Putty cautiously: The more minutely you putty, the less sanding will be needed. This will also reduce the consumption of the putty. Putty shrinks when it dries, so usually you have to putty twice.

Priming is essential: Priming is particularly essential with partially puttied surfaces. Surfaces with different porosity absorb the paint in a different way. The primer creates a base surface that absorbs the paint uniformly and guarantees improved adhesion.

Start painting from the ceiling: it is advised to start painting from the ceiling as this will prevent paint splashes on finished walls. Use paint generously and let it dry completely. Also, read the instructions on the paint package carefully before starting the painting task.

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