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Make Furniture for Your Log Cabin by Yourself

Your log cabin is like your fortress and sanctuary but you need more than that to make it home. Why not create your own furniture ensemble to design and accessorize your log home with? The best thing is that you can actually make furniture all by yourself. You may think this is a task for master builders or at least those with basic woodworking skills. You’d be mistaken in this assumption. Everyone can whip up a DIY furniture project. All you have to do is get the right woodworking plan or blueprint for your DIY task and you are good to go. It’s not just furniture making, it’s giving that personal touch on your dream log home.


Why go for DIY furniture projects for your log cabin?

Before you take on the DIY world full force, it is best to know the details as to why making your furniture by yourself is a good option. Aside from the obvious reason that it puts a personalized approach in decorating your log home with your very own furniture pieces, there are also added benefits to this type of project:

Space Saver

DIY furniture for your log cabin can be customized and tailored to fit all the available spaces inside your log home. Thus, instead of wasting a lot of efforts and worries on finding the right nook for your furniture pieces, you get to adjust the furniture for the allocated space and not the other way around. You can create furniture as small or as big as you want, depending on the floor space available for the unit.


Rustic and nature-inspired furniture made from wood or timber is usually more expensive than items made from plastics and similar materials. Customizing the furniture piece helps you save a significant amount of money simply because you are not paying for the labour. Your log cabin home will surely look better with the right furniture and you can do that without breaking the bank.


DIY furniture projects are practical and a wise use of your time. You have the luxury to choose the type of furniture you want to try and you know that this pastime is something that could benefit your log cabin. It is also a great use of your hidden talent in woodworking or to hone your skills if you didn’t have them up until now. Practice always makes perfect so the best time to start is now.


Creativity Booster

A woodworking do it yourself project is a great way to unleash your creative juices and actually see the tangible results. You can find and use the resources you need while on the journey of decorating your dream log cabin. Who knows? It may even become a good source of income if you become really good at what you do.

Easy-To-Do DIY Furniture Projects

Take note that you need not have advanced skills or certification or the background of being a master builder in order to successfully complete a DIY furniture project. Create the best furniture pieces for your log cabin and enjoy doing something you can be proud of. Remember that you may not do it right the first time but practice will help you hit the mark.


Here are some of the easy to follow do-it-yourself furniture projects to consider:

Breakfast Nook Seats

Nook seats are not just functional but they are also attractive and cosy, and make the perfect features for log cabin furniture. Nooks maximize the space in smaller log homes as it can be built and fit against the wall. You can find plans for a simple nook seat or more complicated versions such as the ones with built-in storage for under-seat space.

Multi-Purpose Coffee Table

Furniture ensembles for your log cabin are always about space efficiency and functionality. Thus, you can always come up with a multi-purpose piece such as a coffee and gaming table in one. This is a great choice especially for holiday stays with the kids. The coffee table can also serve as a storage area for toys, board games, and other entertainment essentials of the family. This type of furniture makes a practical storage space for your stuff, making it easy to reach and access but also organized and out of sight when not in use.

Shelving Unit

Simple and functional are the best 2 words you can use to describe shelving units for your log cabin. You need to save floor space but you also want to display important décor and items in the log home. This is quite easy when you have shelving units that you’ve created by yourself. You can put your collections on the display shelves and other items such as books, pictures, and even decorative plants. Your creativity is the only limit to the design and functionality of this furniture piece.

Plant Stands/Side Tables

Your log cabin acquires a rejuvenating and naturalistic ambience with the right ornamental plants inside the house. You can boost this decorative idea through creating plant stands or side tables that can accommodate your flower pot and vase. Smaller stools and side tables are likewise space-saving while maximizing the fun and fresh aesthetics of your log home. These furniture pieces suit every room and corner of the house, from the living area to the kitchen counter to the bathroom and bedroom.

Simple Bed Frame/Headboard

Many DIY beginners love the simplicity of bed frames and headboards for your bed. These are quite easy to create and build but have remarkable utilitarian value. For instance, you can easily assemble a bed frame or mattress foundation base with a few pieces of timber or wood. Gorgeous headboards that elevate the aesthetics of your bedroom are likewise easy DIY furniture projects for your log cabin. Use simple wood paint and spruce them up with a little colour here and there.


Making furniture for your dream log home is a worthwhile project that gives an added boost to your creativity. Accessorize your log cabin or put in all the basic and most important furniture pieces for your convenience, day in and day out. Find a simple and quality DIY furniture plan or kit now.

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