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The Ultimate Benefits of Double Wooden Garages That You’re Sure to Be Happy About

There’s a functional side and an aesthetic side to double wooden garage structures. It’s an upgrade from the usual and conventional garage that you’ve been used to all these years. As the name implies, this type of garage features a dual door with a wide and generously spacious interior, meaning the garage accommodates multiple vehicles at the same time. The right construction and materials, such as double doors, offer an aesthetically appealing finish. Moreover, it guarantees lower electricity consumption and more market value to your home.


Benefits of Double Garage Doors

One of the top and obvious reasons that homeowners upgrade their wooden garage to a dual-door system is due to the need for a much bigger and more spacious carport. However, there are other perks that having this type of garage could offer, especially if you want a functional home upgrade while sprucing up its curb appeal.

Accessible Double Wooden Garage

You need enough and much needed access to your wooden garage and a single door doesn’t work. You can opt to open both doors for a much wider and bigger access in the case of multiple vehicles being needed to be accommodated or have entry at the same time. Moreover, a much wider dual door system guarantees no obstruction if you want to use the garage to store bulk equipment, tools, or large furniture. It’s quite hard to fit all these things through a smaller, single door.

Safer and Secure Double Wooden Garage

Contemporary wooden garage doors in a dual system are usually computerized to give you the ultimate safety and protection from illegal entry, burglary, robbery, and theft. You will have total peace of mind even if you put all your valuables and important documents inside the garage as a storage area. A double wooden garage keeps your vehicles secure and safe and you will no longer experience the discomforts of cold or wet weather while you are inside, fumbling with your car keys. Other security features of this type of garage include canopy doors and others such as sectional, retractable, and hinged garage doors. You may also install CCTV cameras and motion detector lightings around and inside the garage.


Cost Effective Double Wooden Garage

Modern dual system garages pass the U-ratings scale for energy efficiency and energy efficient spaces are definitely cost effective and budget-friendly. This way you can keep your heating and electricity bills down while reducing your carbon footprint. Energy efficient double wooden garage doors also perform well against the elements, particularly insulated frames. This garage feature offers a thermal break that is situated between the block or brick and the frame. Double layer doors that do not warp are proven to be effective in the regulation and prevention of heat loss.

Soundproof Double Wooden Garage

R-rated double doors for your garage are also soundproof especially double-skinned doors that have multiple layers of thick polystyrene or polyurethane. You can also make your garage walls soundproof through multiple layering of the materials. It is a great feature of your double garage especially if you want to convert the place into a more liveable space such as a media room or your children’s workshop. You won’t need to control the volume because of the noise reduction features of dual garages. On top of enjoying a soundproof space, you also benefit from the extra insulation.

Common Materials for Dual Door System Garages

Garage doors are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting due to the wide assortment of materials they are made from. Different materials for your double garage doors have their own features and advantages that are designed for a specific environment. There are rare materials available, while others are readily available and prefabricated. Some are at the bottom of the price scale while others are much more expensive than their counterparts.


Take a look at some of the popular choices for your double garage doors today:

   *  Steel

This is the most common type of material for garages with dual door systems. It is well-insulated with multiple layers of steel. Some have blend polystyrene and polyurethane foams in between the layers in order to reinforce the strength and durability of the steel. A double garage door made from steel is a good choice for hurricane-prone and very windy areas.

   *  Aluminium

This lightweight material for your double garage door is highly recommended for its corrosion resistant features. It is ideal for houses in locations that are oftentimes plagued with strong winds. Moreover, aluminium is a practical and more affordable option, although it is not as strong and durable as its steel counterpart.


   *  Fibreglass

As a more recent alternative for double garage doors, fibreglass is highly preferred due to its corrosion resistant properties. The material is also customizable so that it becomes well-insulated and designed for that wood grain texture appearance. The drawback with this material is that it is prone to punctures and cracks.

   *  Wood

The classic and most traditional option for double garage doors is wood. This material is known for its ductility and weight which is why some manufacturers turn to wood veneer for garage doors. The wood veneer is then combined with plywood panels in order to ensure ease of installation with seamless results. Although the weight is reduced, this type of wooden garage door is sometimes preferred due to its aesthetic value.

Which Wooden Garage Door Style is Best

The style of the double garage door depends on your taste, needs, and budget. There are 3 most common styles that include raised panel, carriage house style, and horizontal or flat vertical panels. The sculptured panels of the raised type of door is usually in a square or rectangular shape and has a hinged design so that it is raised and not swung outward. Carriage house doors imitate the historical carriage doors.


There is a plethora of advantages when you upgrade your space into a double garage, as long as you have the location and means to do so. This type of space is bigger, wider, more spacious, and with tons of other benefits, depending on what you want to integrate in the place. It boosts the function and aesthetics of your wooden garage upfront.

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