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Two-Car Wooden Garage Shelters Both Of Your Vehicles

Built to last

The two-car wood garage is built with dense timber. This makes for a log cabin that is protected against rotting and moulding. This garage features heavy duty doors supported by galvanized steel, they are impact resistant and do not easily wear from frequent use.


The roof is reinforced in order to resist sagging. The windows are double glazed, providing better insulation and noise reduction. Your wooden garage can be easily kept at cool temperatures in the summer and warm temperatures in the winter.

Multifunctional log cabin

When used as a garage, this log cabin is spacious enough to fit two cars very easily, with each one having its own door. Once inside, there is enough room to manoeuvre without worrying about bumping into the other car. You can easily open the doors to get in and out of each car.

Similarly, you can take things out or put them inside the boot with ease.  You are also able to use your log cabin for bikes, garden equipment and tools. If you only have a single car, you can use the extra space for storage purposes.


You might also want to not use it as a garage at all, but instead convert it into a workshop. For some people, it is the ideal space for a home office. In fact, the double glazed windows make it bright and comfortable as a work space.

Direct from the manufacturer

You get all the parts of your garage shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. This guarantees both a higher quality and the best services. Because there are no intermediaries, you also get the best price.

We maintain a close relationship with all our suppliers to make sure that we only use the best materials. We take pride in our team of professionals who are truly knowledgeable about our products. We provide assistance and guidance through our excellent customer support services. We work very hard to satisfy our customers and they pay us back with great reviews.


Protect your cars

Safely parked inside the log cabin, your cars are fully protected. You can rest assured knowing that they will not suffer any body damage no matter what the weather is outside. Excessive sun exposure, rain, snow, too much wind and dirt can all deteriorate your car paint.

Keeping your cars inside the log cabin when not in use will keep the paint from fading. You cars no longer risk getting accidentally scratched or hit by other vehicles or by balls being thrown by children playing outside, or by any other objects.

By keeping your cars out of sight, you are also protecting them from prying eyes thus reducing the risk of them getting broken into.


Short assembly time

You can hire us to assemble your log cabin for you. Our top rated team of professionals is ready to do this job for you, and get your wooden garage perfectly set up in record time. If you would rather not use our installation services, you can do the assembly yourself.

If you are used to DIY projects and can find another person to help you, you can easily assemble this log cabin in a maximum of two days. This would make for a great week-end project that will provide several hours of active fun to enjoy with a friend or family member.

If you are planning to do electrical wiring in your log cabin, you need to be familiar with the electrical standards and approved codes of practice.


The spacious two-car log cabin provides shelter and maximum protection for up to two cars. Nonetheless, it is much more than a space to park your motorized vehicles. Indeed, your wooden garage is not just for cars. It is a multifunctional structure that can be used for several purposes such as for office or storage space.

This log cabin also makes a very comfortable and quiet workspace, with its reinforced roof and doors added to its double-glazed windows. When you buy from us, you get a premium product directly from the manufacturer, at a very competitive price.

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