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The truth about pre-treated (pressure treated) cabins

There is a lot to know about a cabin before making a decision to purchase one, and one key aspect to a cabin is its longevity, which ultimately depends on the quality of wood and mostly, on the treatment it receives. Many people have the opinion that having a pressure-treated cabin is hassle-free and is the best way to treat a cabin. This is true because it means that you do not have to treat it yourself after it has been installed, although not everything is as easy and as innocent as it seems. Only two options for natural colour shade

A clear colour of wood is not available as pressure treatment is always either a shade of dark brown or a dark green, so if you want to have a clear shade of treatment, in which the wood structure remains visible, a pressure-treated cabin is not an option as its colour is too dark and subsequently hides the structure of the timber.

Higher price, poorer quality

When it comes to cost, pressure treatment is amongst the most expensive treatments. Naturally this means that in order to keep the price of the whole cabin reasonable, often the quality of the timber suffers. In other words, producers usually use a lower quality timber (affected by mould or other types of fungus, pith or core wood with a higher amount of knots) in making pressure-treated log cabins, because pressure treatment simply hides these defects. So eventually you pay more and actually get less.

Not so long lasting as expected

Based on practice, and owing to its natural features, timber flushes out any treatment after a while. This is why wooden structures need to be treated every few years. Even pressure treatment is not permanent, so when the treatment has been all pushed out, all the mentioned defects of second-rated timber show up. Thus, in the final analysis, an owner of such cabin might find himself in the inconvenient situation in which he paid above average for his building and has a product of the quality which is far below average. nica5

Harmful to health

As a rule, pressure treatment involves very strong chemicals that are harmful to the health of any living organism. Over time, these chemicals exit the timber and anybody who is inside the pressure treated building is forced to breath in the toxic air. When choosing your cabin, pressure treatment is only a short-term solution, in the long-run the cabin will still have to be treated again, although in the meantime not only will it give off toxic fumes, and be of lesser quality, you will not be able to choose a natural colour shade either!

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