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Convert Your Wooden Garage into The Ideal Workshop Using These Simple Tips

It is an established and well-known fact that log cabins can be used for a variety of purposes. The log cabins available on the market today are extremely spacious and durable and because of this, by organising things effectively, you can use a log cabin as a garage, a garden shed, a kids’ playroom, office and even as a functional workshop.

For a lot of  wooden garage owners, the garage serves a dual purpose – a place to park the car and a work area or workshop. This is especially true for log cabin owners who love to work on DIY projects. If you are into arts, woodwork or DIY converting a space into your own workshop is a great way of not only utilising the space effectively, but also maximising your space. If you are considering converting a garage into a good looking and functional DIY workshop, you will definitely need to have an effective plan to get started and move in the right direction.

There are some things that you need to do, such as planning and preparing for the project. It is really essential that you prepare everything in advance. Here are few important things that will help you turn your timber garage into a functional workshop.

Things to consider when converting a wooden garage into a workshop.

    1  Consider the purpose of the workshop. Think exactly about what you plan to be doing in the workshop.

  2  Think about the maximum size you will need, and see how you can use the available space most efficiently to accommodate the things that you’re going to need in your workshop.

   3  Plan your budget.

   4  Arrange all the essentials, like tools and such like.

   5  Consider how much storage space you will need.

   6  Think about additional fixtures and accessories.

Once you have all the answers ready, you can start working on your project. Here are a few major and simple tips that will help you convert your wooden garage into the ideal workshop

Clean the garage: Before you start converting your wooden garage into a workshop, clean the space thoroughly. Clean out all the junk that is cluttering the space and get rid of all the things you don’t need. Clear all the boxes, throw away anything that you deem useless and the stuff that you do need group together in an orderly fashion. Grouping things together will make it easier for you to locate them in times of need. After you have decluttered the space, it’s time to clear the floor. Just start with a good sweep of the floor and make sure you get into the corners. Next mop wooden garage floor with a heavy duty floor cleaner.

Sketch a floor plan: Just like with any big project, it’s crucial to start with a plan. You don’t have to be a draftsman to lay things out. Depending on the purpose of your workshop, simply sketch a floor plan – if you’ll be doing lot of mechanical work in your log cabin workshop, then maintaining a lot of open space is essential, so that you can move freely and decrease the risk of accidents. If you plan to work on wooden projects, then ventilation and the proper collection/disposal of the wood chippings and sawdust is crucial. Depending on how much space you need for your workshop, you can also divide the area into sections and use your wooden garage as a garage as well as a workshop. Secondly, if you’re going to use power tools in your workshop, then it is important that you put your work bench against a wall of wooden garage with an electrical outlet. Also, decide where you are going to store your tools. You can either have a rolling tool chest or you can install work cabinets. Visualise how you want your workshop to be, as this will help you construct your ideal workshop.

Air conditioning, heating and ventilation: The installation of insulation into the walls and ceiling of a garage space will assist in regulating the temperature, which will make working in the workshop more comfortable year-round. You can also consider a portable window or wall-mounted air conditioner that will help you cool the workshop only when required. You also need to consider effective and proper exhaust ventilation in order to deal with paint fumes or stains, woodworking glues and toxic fumes from automobile engines. You can also think about installing underfloor heating tiles to offer a more comfortable working environment during winters. The log cabins available these days are fully insulated and also have double-glazed windows and reinforced garage doors installed.

Lighting: Light from one bulb will not be sufficient for a wooden garage workshop. You’ll need to install suitable lighting to ensure the garage is properly lit up. Large fluorescent light fixtures are an inexpensive option that can provide sufficient light to light up the whole of wooden garage. Spotlights or track lightings can also help you illuminate specific spots, like a workbench or tools. Portable or flexible lighting fixtures could also be considered for temporary lighting needs. A good lighting system will make it easier for you to work in the workshop at any time of the day or night.

Give it the personal touch: Once your wooden garage workshop has been set up, don’t forget to add a few personal touches. Choose décor and furniture that create an area that fits the personality and needs of your new work area. You can include interesting personalised signs to present your new space and give it a personalised look. Choose stuff that helps you build a functional workshop as well as making an environment that is relaxing and comfortable.

So, go ahead and use these simple and effective tips to convert your wooden garage or log cabin into a functional workshop not only to add more space to your house, but also that you can take up an activity or hobby without disturbing others or being disturbed by others.

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