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Tips You Need to Know Wishing to Protect Your Wooden Garage from Damage in Winter

Wood is arguably the best element when it comes to constructing a structure. Whether it is a residential log cabin or a wooden garage, the quality and the durability of such structures is high. Wood has several properties that make it a preferred choice for building homes, hospitals and even wooden garages.

But just like any other building, wood too is vulnerable to the climatic conditions that affect its strength and structural cohesion. Winter is a season that can be extremely harsh and can easily damage wood. Hence, it is important to protect your wooden garage from getting damaged during winter.

Choosing the Right Quality Wood

This is the first and the most important step in ensuring that your wooden garage remains strong and face the harsh weather in winter. Selecting timber that is of good quality is necessary for making a robust and long lasting wooden garage.

Wood has natural insulating properties. By selecting a good quality timber, you can ensure that your wooden garage remains insulated. It will help keep your vehicles protected from the dropping temperatures outside thereby preventing the incidents such as the fuel and oil freezing in the pipes.

It means you no longer have to worry about cold starting your car in the morning. But, it is only possible is the wood that you choose for your wooden garage is of good quality so that it provides sufficient insulation.

  *  Use good quality timber for the construction of your wooden garage   *  It will result in a well-insulated interior   *  Your vehicles inside the wooden garage would remain protected from the dropping temperature outside   *  It will avoid instances of fuel getting chocked in pipes due to freezing in winter   *  Good insulation and maintenance of a relatively warmer temperature inside the cabin will help keep your vehicles in good condition

Check for Damages

Thoroughly check the entire structure of your wooden garage for any damages. Ensure that none of the walls or the roof has any holes or cracks in them. These cracks can easily allow water and snow to sneak into your wooden garage during winter thereby affecting the insulating properties of your wooden garage.

To avoid it from happening, meticulously examine your wooden garage periodically for any damages that might cause problems in winter. Any damages to the surface of the wood need to be addressed immediately. Also, check if there are any gaps among the wooden logs. Such gaps easily allow cold air from entering into your wooden garage in winter.

  *  Check for any damages to the walls and roof of your wooden garage   *  If you find any cracks or holes, plug them   *  It is an activity that needs to be done periodically throughout the year but especially in winter   *  In case there are any gaps between the wooden logs, fill them to prevent the air from entering the cabin


Painting the walls and roof of your wooden garage is an important step in preventing them from any damages during winter. You can select the right paint, varnish or oil that suits the timber that you have selected to build your wooden garage.

The selection of the material for painting or coating the surface of your wooden garage must be done in consultation with an expert and according to the climatic conditions of the region where you live. Such coats provide a protective layer to the wooden garage preventing it from damages inflicted by the extreme weather.

  *  Apply a protective coat of appropriate paint or varnish to the walls and roof of your wooden garage   *  It helps prevent the wooden garage from severe weather in winter   *  A protective coat prevents any kind of fungal infection on the wood   *  It keeps wood in a good condition to face the severity of the weather in winter

Avoid Water Logging

For protecting your wooden garage from damages during winter, check if there are any damages on the floor. It will help avoid any kind of water logging inside the wooden garage. If there is water logging inside, it might result in the growth of fungus inside the wooden garage.

Also there would be increased humidity inside the garage due to the logged water. Also check the sewage system. The water used for washing the vehicles must flow out of the garage and for this to happen, the pipes of the sewage system should not have any damages or blockages.

The chances of the water freezing the in cracks or the pipes is high and it can cause severe damage to the wood.

  *  Check for any water logging inside the wooden garage especially in the corners   *  If the floor of the garage is uneven or has holes or cracks, it could result in water logging   *  The sewage pipes should not have any cracks or damages   *  Water logging increases moisture inside the wooden garage that would damage the wood

Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation system is crucial for protecting the wooden garage from getting damaged. If your wooden garage does not have proper ventilation, it increases the humidity level inside the garage. A high level of humidity adversely affects the wood and damages it.

  *  Ventilation is important for reducing the humidity inside the wooden garage   *  If the humidity level is high, there is an increased chance of the growth of fungus   *  In places where it rains or snows in winter, it is important to ensure low humidity levels

Yearly Maintenance

Just before the advent of winter, conducting the yearly maintenance activity for your wooden garage is useful. Autumn is the right time for the yearly maintenance activity. If there are any existing damages to the wooden surface of the garage, it can be taken care of during the maintenance. Checking the heating equipment such as heaters can also be included in the maintenance activity.

Extreme cold climate can cause severe damages to a wooden garage. By following the above mentioned tips, you can protect your wooden garage from getting damaged in winter.

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