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Tips on How to Decide Where to Build Your Wooden Garage

Before you start to make a plan for the wooden garage construction, you need to decide the right place for it in your home, from where it can be reached easily. This can be the most important thing in the making of the garage, because if the location is not right, then you might face difficulties parking your car or storage of things. As garages are not just limited to park the cars and motorcycles, you have to be sure in the way they are constructed so that you utilize the space in a right manner.

Before you decide the right place for the wooden garage door, you need to take the shape and size of the garage into consideration. If you have more open space at the back of your house, then the garage can be easily planned at that area so that you will also have the right connectivity from the front. Always make sure that you are contacting the garage professional for the job as they guide you in a right manner and give you many style options to choose from. Here are some of the tips that you can use.


The first point that you need to consider before choosing the right place for the wooden garage is the connectivity. There must be a right path from the entrance of the home till the garage so that you can easily drive the car to it. If you are not going to consider the connectivity on the first hand basis, then you have to construct a different path to the garage and that is going to take an additional amount of time and money. The best way is, have a right plan where you can connect the garage easily with the entry of the house.

Entry in the house

Another area that you have to keep in mind before deciding the right place for the wooden garage is the entry from the house. It’s always a good idea to keep the garage connected to the home so that you can go directly inside after parking your car. This also gives you an added benefit of transferring things from house to garage and vice versa quite easily. If you are planning to get the garage made right next to the living room, then you have an option to add an additional door for the connectivity.


Size of the wooden garage matters a lot in the construction and before you plan the garage, you need to make sure the size and the specifications. If you have a single car, then you can go with a smaller size garage that can accommodate a car and a bike. But if you have more than one car, then you have to design the garage in a way that it stretches long enough to accommodate two cars with ease. For these arrangements, you might need to plan an open space at the side of the house, as it will offer you the best use of the available space.

Right landscape

You must have the right landscape before you plan the wooden garage. As garage needs a right placement, you have to make sure that the place that you have around the house is plain and can accommodate the garage with ease. If you are planning to get wooden flooring, then you have to prepare a right base, so that the wood doesn’t get the moisture from the mud at the times of the rain. Call the garage professionals to get the right help in landscaping.


Before you plan the build of the wooden garage, ensure that you are choosing a place that offers you a right protection. If the garage is too far away from the house, then you might not be able to take a look at the activities that is going around it. It is always recommended that you get the garage made in the close vicinity of the house, so that you can go inside it if the need arises. This gives you right protection to your expensive cars and stuffs that you might have kept inside the garage.

Design and layout

Always decide in advance where you want to build the wooden garage. Plan a layout of the garage, so that you can shape it according to the available space. This will help you utilize the area in a right manner, where you can use the open space for the construction of the wooden garage door too. If you want to add a bit of style, then you can choose to have a swing door instead of sliding doors. Remember, that the swing door requires more space to operate, and if you have a tight space, then go for the sliding doors.


If you have planned to get the garage made entirely of wood, then it is always a better idea to look for a place, where there is a shade of tree or a wall to get the wood protected from the harsh sun. As wood is prone to get affected by UV rays, the shade from the tree or house will provide the additional protection to the wood, enhancing its overall life. Generally, the side of the house is the ideal place to get the wooden garage made, as it offers you the best shade and connectivity.

Before planning the garage construction, make sure that you are taking the help of a garage professional. They not only give you the right guidance, but they also give you many options to choose from, where you can decide the type of wood, shape, and the quality of construction accordingly. Wooden garage needs careful detailing, as it involves the construction using the wood and you have to ensure that the wood is treated to have all weather protection. Always take estimates from more than two wooden garage manufacturers to have the best deal.

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