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Tips How To Create A Light Log Cabin Interior

The most beautiful thing in the world is simplicity. But, simplicity is also the most difficult thing to achieve. Whether its life in general or any part of the life in particular, simplicity is the best way to deal with things. When it comes to creating the interiors of a log cabin, keeping it simple is the most efficient way to make it look attractive.

A light log cabin interior is the direct result of a simple and minimalistic interior design. Log cabins with light interiors, which is a direct result of adopting a simplistic approach give the most stunning looks and the feeling of living in a cosy environment. This article provides few tips on how to create a log cabin with light interiors to achieve simplicity and to give it the perfect look.

Minimalist interiors

Keep the number of elements inside your log cabin minimum. It will allow you more space and make the interiors of your log cabin light. It gives the interiors of your log cabin a very simple and pleasing look.

Use items such as furniture, curtains, décor objects, etc. that are needed as your basic requirements. Do not clutter your log cabin with unwanted objects. It will only make it look more congested. Use few but good quality items. Keep the number of items minimum so that the interiors look spacious and it also easy to keep it clean without much trouble.

   *  Keep the interiors minimalistic.    *  Do not stack it with the items that are not needed.    *  Instead of hording objects inside the log cabin, use few but good quality items.    *  By keeping clutter free interiors, your log cabin look more spacious.    *  It is easier to clean the interiors if the number of items are less.

Light furniture

While selecting the furniture items for your log cabin, prefer lightweight and few furniture items. Do not buy a bulky looking furniture such as a large sofa. Instead prefer lightweight furniture. The same is also applicable for other furniture items such as dining table and beds.

By selecting furniture items that are of smaller size, the rooms of the log cabin look more spacious. Such furniture items offer the same seating capacity but occupy lesser space. It allows you to accommodate more objects in your rooms when needed. Lightweight furniture is also more cost effective, easy to move and clean.

   *  Choose furniture items that are lightweight.    *  It makes it easier to move them as needed.    *  It allows you to rearrange your interiors frequently giving it a fresh look.    *  Such items are also more cost effective.    *  Your interiors look more spacious.

Lightweight plastic modular furniture and cabinets

Using good quality plastic modular furniture and cabinets is a good option to keep the interiors of your log cabin lightweight. These modular furniture and cabinets give the interiors as very simple look and avoids any kind of wastage of space.

It is also easier to replace them in the instance of any wear and tear or damages. Prefer using good grade plastic that is easily disposable. It will ensure that there is little impact on the environment when you dispose them.

Being lightweight, it is easier to move such furniture around your log cabin so that they can be rearranged according to your requirements. Also, you can pack and keep the additional items away and use them as and when needed.


Bamboo is a lightweight material and is most suited for a structure like a log cabin. You can select bamboo furniture and other décor items. These objects easily mix with the settings of a log cabin as the overall common these is wood.

Bamboo items offer a simplistic look to the interiors of your log cabin and since these are made from a natural element, they help the body and the mind to relax. Bamboo also has several healing properties making them most suited for an environmental friendly structure like a log cabin.

Children’s room

Just like the rest of the log cabin, use lightweight elements for the children’s room. Choose modular plastic furniture such as children’s study table, chairs and beds and cabinets for and cupboards made from modular plastic. It will keep the interiors light and is easy to clean the room with such items keeping it hygienic and in good condition.

Light kitchen appliances

In the kitchen use light appliances. Unless the number of people living in the log cabin is large, it is better to keep it simple and install only those appliances that are actually needed. Use a smaller sized refrigerator that meets the requirements.

A log cabin usually has a garden that can be used to grow fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables can directly be obtained from such kitchen garden, reducing the need for a larger refrigerator. Similarly install other lightweight appliances in the kitchen.

Few décor items

For decorating your log cabin, use very few but good quality décor objects. Do not clutter your walls with large number of paintings. Similarly, do not clutter your shelf with several artefacts. It is better to choose few simple and good looking décor items for decorating the interiors of your log cabin.

Light equipment

To keep the interiors of your log cabin light, use equipment that are light in weight and use less energy. Equipment such as the light fixtures, heaters and even air conditioners should be light and not power guzzling. It will help reduce the electricity bills as well as keep the interiors simple and attractive.

Log cabins look splendid not because of any gaudy appearances but due to their simplicity. The same is applicable to the interiors of the log cabin. By selecting lightweight and simple furniture, décor items, equipment and appliances, the interiors of the log cabin can be light. Light interiors have several benefits.

Such interiors look more spacious, are easy to clean, help save money by reduced bills and by using cost efficient objects and due to less energy consumption, make the log cabins more environment friendly. Such interiors look simple which the best way to make your log cabin look attractive and beautiful.

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