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Timber frame base - what’s the hype regarding this foundation type all about?

While we offer numerous foundation options for our customers purchasing a prefabricated wooden house, one in particular – timber frame base – has been getting increasing amounts of attention recently.

You may wonder, what is so special about this foundation type?

What is a timber frame base?

A timber frame base will serve as a firm and reliable foundation for your wooden house. This structure will help prevent penetrating dampness, ensure good air circulation and help you even the construction ground base without laying a concrete foundation. What is more, it will create a platform that could be extended to decking or seating areas for convenient outdoor lounging.

The timber frame base includes all the necessary parts for installation:

1. Wooden beams (44 x 140 mm)
2. Adjustable pillars
3. Screws (4 x 50 mm)
4. Screws (6 x 120 mm)
5. Breathable membrane

The benefits of the timber frame base

A timber frame base can be used as a cheaper or more suitable alternative to a concrete foundation - it is quick & easy to install, reliable and provides a proper base for a wooden house.

The key benefits of a timber frame base compared to a concrete foundation:

• Can be moved if the need arises;
• Enables building in cases when a concrete foundation is not available;
• Budget-friendly and affordable (cheaper than a concrete foundation);
• Provides additional airflow and provides increased protection for the wood from rotting.

If the concrete foundation is not available for some reason or you would like a more affordable foundation option, we recommend choosing a timber frame base as it offers superb qualities and serves as a reliable base for your structure’s integrity.

When is the timber frame base required?

There are some cases when the timber frame base is essential rather than a preferred choice for the foundation. The timber frame base might be required due to the construction ground specifics. Also, this choice could be required in order to simplify legislative purposes, e.g. when building camping buildings.

Evaluating the construction base specifications for the timber frame base

There are some crucial factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing a timber frame base for your wooden structure. It is important to acknowledge that to ensure the structural integrity of the building, the timber frame base must be set on a solid foundation, which might include (but is not limited to) these solutions:

• Compacted ground (crushed stone, siftings);
• Concrete blocks;
• Concrete paving (at least 500x500 mm in size);
• Piles (metal or concrete) and other options.

The most essential factor to consider when choosing this foundation option is that the adjustable support of the timber frame base must be built on a sturdy & unmovable foundation and cannot be mounted on moving ground, e.g. lawn, sand, or land.

If you would like to get a consultation on your individual case, you are more than welcome to contact our friendly and professional team for more information regarding the potential use of a timber frame base for your project.

For more foundation options and learn more about their benefits and differences, please refer to our Foundation page.

Timber frame base – the most efficient choice for camping buildings

Campsite owners consider this foundation option a particularly attractive one due to its simple installation and affordability. Another important factor in choosing a timber frame base over a more common concrete foundation is that it is much more cost-efficient and allows building on a relatively uneven base. However, we suggest thoroughly evaluating the ground condition and consulting specialists before selecting this foundation option, as this is an important factor considering the structural integrity of the building.

To sum up, a timber frame base might be a simpler & more affordable choice compared to its alternatives, also allowing the construction process to be completed much faster and with less hassle involved.

If you want to consult about this foundation type for your project, do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to provide an in-depth consultation and clarify any questions you may have. Call us today: 02070994301


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