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Things You Need to Know about When Living Green in a Log Cabin

Living in a log cabin is the best decision you could ever make, especially if you want to have an eco-friendly lifestyle. Green living makes you healthier and allows you to reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Living in a wooden log cabin is one of the most popular options among individuals across age groups and economic status. You can be a young professional but can still choose to live in a log home if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle, along with the pollution, of urban living.

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Things to Know about Log Cabin and Green Living

A wooden building that you can make your residential home provides a unique and healthy place of abode that you can enjoy unlike any other type of building. Check out the important things you need to know about living in a log cabin and enjoying a green lifestyle:

Living in a Log House Helps You Save Energy

Log homes have naturally good insulation because of their wooden materials. Unlike brick and mortar buildings, which you can find in older houses and other conventional places of abode, a log cabin has wood that naturally maintains the heat or coolness inside the home. Even when the sun heats the wood and the temperature outside spikes, the coolness is kept inside the home, thereby maintaining the cool temperature. The logs provide a reverse function during the evening, keeping the heat inside the log cabin, which the log has been exposed to during the day.

It is easy to naturally save on your electricity, particularly on your heating and cooling bills when you live in a log cabin. You can help preserve the environment as well because your house is not consuming nearly as much electricity as brick and mortar homes do. You are hitting two birds with one stone when green living in a log cabin.


Living in a Log Cabin Gives You Access to Better Air Quality

The wood materials in the wooden structure of your log house effectively store carbons as well as regulate the humidity inside the house. A log cabin allows better airflow and ensures better air quality. Therefore, it is healthier to live inside a log house than anywhere else. The ripple effects of green living in a log cabin reach your utility bills also, especially in reducing your need for HEPA filters, air purifiers, and humidifiers and dehumidifiers. You can avoid the use of small machines that have less eco-friendly effects and materials as well as use energy to run.

Living in a Wooden Home is Sustainable and Renewable

You opt for a sustainable and renewable lifestyle if you choose to live in a log cabin because wood is inherently sustainable, making it a remarkable way to enjoy green living. Wooden buildings and products require minimal energy for their manufacture and have low impacts that jeopardize the quality of air and water. You can absolutely live in the midst of nature and enjoy the renewable and sustainable lifestyle that only a log cabin can offer. Wood is a material that creates great alternatives to conventional houses with eco-friendly and green features.


Log Cabins and Energy Star

Log houses have a thermal mass that ensures superior energy performance, meaning they qualify for Energy Star. The thermal mass of a log cabin reduces the required space that an air conditioning unit or a system needs to reach. The desirable thermal mass facilitates the accommodation of cross ventilation as well as proper shading. Wood acts as thermal batteries and functions for day and night operations, providing comfort and reducing the necessity for heating or cooling systems.

Learn about Eco-Friendly Staining

Contemporary maintenance for a log cabin points at eco-friendly staining in order to protect the wooden house from the elements. A natural and good staining agent requires less carbon footprint that could harm the environment. The eco-friendly staining agent has low or non-volatile organic compounds or VOCs.

Low or non-volatile alternatives for staining wood undergo increasing regulation in order for them to become readily available. Eco-friendly alternatives are the primary source of log cabin owners especially in keeping the quality of their log house. Using harmful staining agents that are outdated could also jeopardize the health of the occupants on top of their hazardous threat to the environment.

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Living in Log Cabins and Access to Sunlight

The fundamental feature of a log house is its proximity to sunlight since log cabins are typically manufactured in the midst of nature or with no surrounding buildings. Living in a log house is more energy efficient with this particular feature since solar energy becomes more accessible. Switching to solar power has immediacy, accessibility, and support through incentives or rebates from government programmes.

Most homeowners prefer using solar panels that are also highly adaptable and available for log homes. It may require you to shell out extra cash for the initial installation but using solar power could help you save in the long run, especially in saving on electricity bills.

Important Pointers for Log Cabin Owners

Maintaining your wooden house takes a lot of effort and consideration, especially if you value the environment the most. Here are some insider tips you need to know about log house maintenance:

   *  Use sheep’s wool instead of foam or fibreglass insulation in between logs. Unlike other materials, sheep’s wool does not undergo a harmful manufacturing process and has no petrochemical ingredients.


   *  Dead timber is an eco-friendlier means of manufacturing a log cabin instead of using live trees and cutting them down.

   *  Utilize reclaimed or recycled wood materials for the log house if it is possible. Recycled materials are quite common in the electrical fixtures, plumbing, lumber, structural beams, and the likes.

   *  Take advantage of the natural mass and battery-like features of a log cabin on the overall layout of your home in order to enjoy its energy efficiency.

A log cabin is the best alternative for a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. A wooden place of abode is a remarkable way to save electricity and allows you to enjoy the wonders of nature right in the palms of your hands.

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