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Customer Terry's double BBQ Hut

Like most people, you might have thought that BBQing was just an activity reserved for a couple of weeks in the summer. A lot of the time, that is the case and no sooner have you taken the BBQ out then it starts raining. Well, with this fantastic double BBQ hut you can be sure of fun days and nights with friends and family at any time of the year. No more BBQs in the wind and rain, guaranteed! A fantastic cabin made from high quality timber with a sizeable 22 metre floorplan. No wonder it might be more than just BBQing you want to do in this gorgeous cabin.

Double BBQ Huts

We were a little skeptical at first. Would it come two months down the line and take two weeks to put it together? Well, it will be delivered within 8 working days, so in two weeks from now you can have it taking pride of place in your outdoor space. It is easy to assemble and we put this together over a couple of days last summer. The instructions are included and are simple to follow. As the wall, roof and floor panels are in sections, this makes assembly a doddle compared to what we were expecting. If you have ever built a garden shed, where every log is separate and a different length, then you will know what I mean. This cabin is nothing like that, thankfully.

Step inside and its range of features will impress you. The BBQ grill is right in the center of the rounded room. It offers a twin grill, which means there is absolutely loads of room for all your favorite BBQ treats. If you are cooking veggies or cooking for people with allergies, it means you can keep food separate quite easily as well. The size means you can cook and then relax without having to cook a small amount of food at once. This is definitely a bonus for the chef! Around the grill is plenty of preparation space for food, so it can be prepared ‘on location’ rather than having to be made ready elsewhere like with a standard BBQ.

This cabin has the feel of a great natural environment, in line with the elements. It feels like connecting with the outdoors without actually having to be outdoors. You can stay in the cabin, whiling away the hours with ease. As there is integrated seating around the grill area, all made from high quality wood, it is easy just to sit and enjoy chatting with friends. Adding an extra sausage to the grill as the afternoon or evening moves on is so easy. No need to worry about an attack of flies or hygiene.

Thanks to the ample windows letting in an abundance of light, the time will pass with ease. You’ll probably catch the sunset along the way. The grill makes the cabin feel toasty warm in the winter, so you will not be rushing back into your house. The long room attached to the bbq hut gives you some permanent space with plenty of scope. You could add in a toilet and sink as part of the room for convenience. You could create a sleeping area with permanent or temporary beds. Put in a few sofas and create a relaxed seating area with a pile of board games in the corner. Add in a dining table and chairs for a social dining experience.

This cabin has a great grill, a superb preparation area, ample seating and big back room space to make your own. Thanks to it being self-enclosed, there are so many opportunities to use it, during every month of the year. Its practical use combined with its fantastic looks flooded with natural light are truly delightful. Receive it quickly and put it up in just a couple days. Within two weeks, you could be enjoying its stunning looks and excellent features.

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