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Summer log cabins in Southend on Sea

Spending time in summer in a log cabin is an excellent way to fight the scorching summer heat. The cool breeze flowing from the garden into the log cabin and the relaxed and peaceful environment help the mind and the body to relax.

Southend on Sea is the place many prefer for its natural beauty. It’s the place where thousands flock each year to spend their summer. This little resort town on the seaside is the perfect place to be when the mercury rises and living in a log cabin in the Southend is one of the best ways to spend your summer.

In this article, we have identified some of the perfect options for spending your summer, living in a log cabin in Southend on Sea. You have the choice to rent a log cabin for the season, or if your budget permits and you have planned to spend every summer in Southend, you can also consider buying and installing a cost efficient log cabin.

Custom made log cabins

A major advantage of living in a log cabin is to get custom built log cabins that are easy to assemble and install anywhere you want. These are portable, and the parts can be assembled wherever you need. Southend on Sea, due to its climate and proximity to the sea has several log cabins.

There are numerous suppliers of log cabins who offer easy to install do it yourself (DIY) log cabins. If you are planning to spend your summers in Southend, it’s a good idea to install a custom made log cabin based on your needs. These are affordable and easy to transport and install. Depending on the availability of space, you can opt for a log cabin from various sizes and designs that are available.

Garden log cabins

One of the best features of the summer log cabins in Southend on Sea is that they have sufficient space around them for a beautiful garden. If you are planning to rent a log cabin for the summer, it’s best to look for a cabin with a decent garden around it.

The sea breeze flowing through the garden will bring the fresh and sweet fragrance of the flowers in your house. Summer log cabins in Southend on Sea are available with a broad range of gardens. These include traditional gardens, themed gardens such as Japanese gardens, monochromatic gardens, and gardens with modern themes and designs.

Alternately, if you plan to buy a summer log cabin in Southend, begin with planning a garden. There are several options available in terms of flowers and plants for you to design and make a beautiful garden.

Mini summer log cabins

For people who love solitude and want to spend time alone reflecting on their thoughts, mini summer log cabins with a single room are the best options. If you are an artist, a writer, a musician or a painter who wants to spend some time alone in the summer away from the soaring temperatures, these summer log cabins are the best bets.

These are small sized log cabins that do not require much of space. They can be installed in one of the corners of the garden. In Southend on Sea, there are several such mini log cabins with the measurements ranging from 8 feet to 11 feet available.

You can either rent them for the season or buy them if your budget permits and if you plan to spend not one but, at least, a few summers in Southend. These cabins are equivalent to the studio apartments in the urban areas, except the fact that these cabins are standalone structures, are surrounded by a beautiful garden and offer a healthy environment.

Home offices

Summer log cabins are also perfect to be used as home offices. If you are in a profession that allows you to work from home and telecommute, moving to Southend on Sea in summer to live and work from a summer log cabin is a fantastic option.

Not only will you be able to beat the summer heat but also will be able to work from a natural and peaceful setup. There are two options for a summer log cabin office that you can consider. The first option is to convert one of the rooms of your summer log cabin in Southend on Sea into an office. But ensure that you stay clear of all the disturbances if you plan to spend your summer at the log cabin with your family.

The other option is to install a smaller log cabin, like the mini log cabins mentioned above in one of the corners of your garden. It will let you work undistracted from a small and cosy log cabin in a corner of the garden. It enables you to concentrate on your job while also allowing you enjoy the natural beauty of the resort town Southend on Sea.

Summer log cabins in different designs

A summer log cabin need not necessarily have a simple architectural design. Summer log cabins in Southend on Sea are available in various shapes and designs. You can either rent one of these or buy by placing an order for a custom made log cabin.

The various designs and shapes include octagonal log cabins, corner log cabins with large doors, cabins with a small veranda and box shaped log cabins with a flat roof. There are several options to explore. These summer log cabins are affordable and easy to transport. Most of the suppliers also offer installation services. Alternately you may choose a DIY option.

Southend on Sea is an excellent destination to spend your summer. Living in a log cabin in Southend allows you to spend quality time. The relatively cooler climate of this little resort town, the cool breeze flowing from the sea and the fresh aroma of the flowers in your garden provide a cosy and relaxed environment.

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