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Some Ideas for Creating A Small Log Cabin Garden

Do you have a small log cabin garden and want to create a beautiful environment in it? It is very easy to create a small garden if you know how to use each square foot properly. A small garden near the log cabin can feature the same unique qualities and style as bigger gardens. So, in fact, your creative ideas can be applied to any size yard.

Creating a small garden in a small yard could be quite an easy and pleasant task if you follow some simple advice. First, it is important to focus on details and to make a clear planning. The main idea underlying the creation of a small neat garden in your yard is to create an illusion of larger space. The simplest way to achieve it is to include the colours from your house exterior into the garden colours so that they would blend harmonically. For example, the colour of the flowerpots and flowers can match the wall colour of residential log cabin.

The most suitable plants for garden are the plants which tend not to overgrow. For example, a high and narrow decorative tree is an ideal solution as you can correct its height and design to make it fit the environment. If you want to divide the garden into different parts, small walls may be a good solution.

There is a common view that vegetables are not suitable to be grown in a small space garden. It is true that growing vegetables in a small log cabin garden can be complicated; however, there are plenty of possibilities to have vegetables and fruits even in a small yard. The most suitable species of vegetables would be the ones with smaller root system, for example tomatoes, egg plants etc. Climbing plants, such as cucumbers and beans, could make a unique hedge.

If you don’t have a yard but still want to create a beautiful oasis, you can make a miniaturist garden in the house. Just place some flowerpots or pots with vegetables on the windowsills and arrange them in a nice way. It would create a cozy atmosphere at home and add some decorative touch to the interior.

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