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Small Dining Room Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Suppose you have everything you want in place in your home. The living room has adequate light, the bathroom has enough storage space, and the garden has never looked better. But there is a catch ‒ the dining room is small, and you are not sure how to use it. It could also be that you do not have a dining area and have to carve out some space from the living room or kitchen. Well, the truth is that many log cabins and conventional homes have small dining rooms, which means that you are not alone in this. And no, the small space does not limit the potential of this room, but rather it opens you up to other possibilities. You can still have a stylish space where you can enjoy your meals and snacks. And yes, you can host people here with a few tweaks here and there. Let’s get started:

Get a Foldable Table

Suppose you do not have much room in the dining area. Or you have to use part of the kitchen to set up the dining table. In this case, you need to be innovative and find ways to maximise the use of your space. On the one hand, you could get a small table that will work with the cramped space. Alternatively, you can install a large foldable table. That way, when dinner time comes around, you can lay out the table and host the meal. Then you can clean up, fold away the table, and use the space for other things. Also, this table could serve other uses in the home. You can then place the chairs along the wall such that they do not get in anyone’s way.

Use Benches

While on the subject of making do with what you have, you need to think of how you can save space. You could decide to get a full-sized table and avoid the foldable design. It is especially recommended where the dining area has a permanent set-up such that you can avoid the constant setting up and putting away. You can use benches for the seating area; not only are they comfortable, but they also save on space. Once the meal is over, you can tuck them under the table. Cleaning up under the benches and table will not be a hassle as you will not have many moving parts. When buying benches, keep the style of the room in mind, or they could look out of place.

Use Extendable Furniture

Today, you have two guests sitting at the table, and the small space does not matter much. But what happens when you host a family dinner? Will the table work for this setting? Well, an excellent way to avoid changing furniture is to get extendable options. In this way, you can shorten and lengthen the table as needed. When you are not hosting many people, you can use a small size that will save on space. Also, this shortening allows you to clean up with ease after using the dining area.

On this note, it also helps to have stackable chairs. That way, you can finish up, shorten the table and stack the chairs. You will not even notice how small your space is when you have these versatile pieces. It also allows you to keep a neat space that feels airy.

Use Bright Hues

It can get pretty tiring noticing how small the room is each time you walk into the dining area. Sometimes, it could even be a conversation piece as guests talk about how cosy it is. Well, you can make the room feel and look bigger and brighter by using vibrant colours. Go for bright tones on the walls and furniture. When mixing and matching the shades, ensure that they complement each other. Add some artwork on the walls or another piece that can serve as the focal point. That way, people can enjoy their meal as they go on about how lovely the space is and how well everything comes together. Note that you should go minimal with the designs, or else the room will feel squeezed, owing to too much taking place at the same time.

Work with Suitable Sizes

When shopping for furniture, you are likely to go for the big pieces that stand out from a distance. However, in your case you cannot work with big tables and chairs unless you get the foldable type. Think of how many people will dine at the dinner table regularly and work with this. For example, where you live with your spouse, you can get a table for two. Choose a round design as this will give the furniture a fuller look and make the space feel airy. The chairs should also be as per the number of people dining at the table. Finish off the theme with some colourful art pieces or a fresh bouquet.

Go for a Minimal Look

Look at it this way ‒ you do not have much space to work with for the dining area. As such, you should work on removing the focus from the size of the room. Instead, you should emphasise the functionality of this space. If you want to create a dining area in your kitchen, make it such that it complements the rest of the room. Instead of adding another table to the kitchen space, choose a floating shelf attached to a wall. You can have some stools under the shelf such that you pull them out when using the space.

Use Natural Lighting

Your dining area is already small, so anything that makes it feel or look smaller is a no. Make the most out of this space by setting up the table and chairs by the window. This setting will take the focus away from the size of the room and create emphasis on the view. The room will feel brighter, and you will enjoy your meals much more.

Are there any other small dining room ideas work best for log cabins, and why?

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